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Apollo 18 Trailer: The Killing Moon Will Come Too Soon

By TK | Trailers | June 27, 2011 | Comments ()

In truth, I love the idea, and this new trailer makes it even more interesting with the idea of unknown Soviet cosmonauts who were there and creepy crawlies and who knows what the fuck else. The problem is that Apollo 18 has been delayed several times now, and its release date keeps getting bumped. That's just never a good sign. But until then, I'm going to hold out hope that it'll end up surprising me -- hell, I thought Paranormal Activity was going to be a pile of crap, but I ended up enjoying it (can't say the same for that dull-as-fuck sequel, though). So maybe my diminished expectations will work in its favor. We shall see.

Here's the new trailer:

(h/t: FSR)

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