Antichrist .... ummm ... vs. ... ummm ... Vaginal Holocaust

By Dustin Rowles | Trailers | September 15, 2009 | Comments ()

By Dustin Rowles | Trailers | September 15, 2009 |

Dude gives me the heebies, y'all.

Check out the trailer:

Antichrist Trailer - Watch more Movie Trailers

The other trailer is for a horror porn movie called Vaginal Holocaust. And when I say: Horror porn, I mean it literally. It's a horror slash porn movie. Obviously, the trailer is very R-rated (the movie will probably only be available on some dude's website if you give them your credit card number and allow them to charge a monthly fee, which you can cancel at anytime, assuming you have six hours to spend on the phone).

It looks like a home movie edited together with a terrible thrash metal song designed to puncture your eardrums. It looks completely shittastic, but in a way that might be a lot of fun. If you're 22. Drunk. And at a zombie bachelor party. Or it might be the perfect movie for that cute gorehound couple that wears matching black nail polish looking to spice up their sex life with a little ... ummm ... you know .... horror porn.

Jesus. The shit people come up with.

Anyway, as bad as it looks (and seriously, it's beyond NSFW), I think I'd almost rather see Vaginal Holocaust than Antichrist. It certainly gets points for best and/or worst title since Lesbian Vampire Killers. Just whatever you do, for the Love of God, don't play this at work. Or around your family. Or near your pets. And if you do decide to watch it, don't blame me for your sticky nightmares this week. I warned you.


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