Angel Made Do with Blood Banks: "True Blood" Teasers

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trailers | March 27, 2012 |


I've only seen a half dozen episodes of "True Blood" and those were all in a row on a Saturday in a hotel room when HBO decided to marathon the last season of it. This beat out the A&E marathon "Criminal Minds" and the USA marathon of "NCIS" on account of already having seen all of those episodes. Because I am your grandparents.

My miniature review is that it's far more entertaining than a Buffy clone stripped of emotional intelligence and good writing really has any right to be. That and it has a fantastic title sequence. Oh, and Shivakamini Somakandarkram. That last sentence doesn't need a verb; it stands on its own. Every day the producers get up and thank Stephenie Meyer, because if not for her, their show would be the lowest rung on the supernatural entertainment ladder short of the CW, and as it is, it's got at least seven or eight metaphorical rungs below it.

In any case, after deciding to end the season by systematically brutalizing every single character on the show (it's HBO's new "Game of Thrones" strategy, there was a memo to showrunners, but the producers of "Luck" took it a little too literally), the series is now gearing up for season five with three new teasers:

I feel teased. In Russian, the show is run under the title "Nastoyashaya Krof," which sounds deliciously dirty to English speakers.

(source: Cinema Blend)

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