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Deep Rising on a Plane

By TK | Trailers | November 16, 2009 | Comments ()

By TK | Trailers | November 16, 2009 |

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Well, this is a different one. Here's the trailer for Altitude, the first full-length film from director Kaare Andrews. The plot is reminiscent of Sci-Fi Channel (I refuse to use the new name) Sunday afternoon fare, except that it actually looks like it could be a decent little Deep Rising-style B-action movie. It starts off looking rather derivative, with that "young and attractive cast getting themselves into trouble" look to it. A group of 20-somethings take a plane trip, only to encounter some sort of bizarre supernatural occurrence and ... a monster. A seriously big and weird monster. The cast is mostly no-names -- the only one you might have even a chance of recognizing is Julianna Guill, as one of the numerous girls to take her top off (and, of course, therefore get killed) in the Friday the 13th remake -- or you might recognize Jessica Lowndes from the "90210" remake currently violating our airwaves. Although if you do recognize her for that, you should probably re-evaluate your life's direction.

Anyway, here's the trailer, with the full poster afterward. It's got "solid rental" written all over it.


Don't look down? Really? That's the best they could come up with?

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