Ahoy There! Luther's Neil Cross Teams with John Malkovich for NBC's Crossbones
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Ahoy There! 'Luther's' Neil Cross Teams with John Malkovich for NBC's 'Crossbones'

By Cindy Davis | Trailers | April 23, 2014 | Comments ()


NBC is stepping up their game, people. First they lured Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelsen to network television with Hannibal,, and now they’ve brought in another powerhouse team: writer Neil Cross (Luther, MI-5, Doctor Who, Mama) and the brilliant John Malkovich. Based on Colin Woodard’s The Republic of Pirates, the series explores the life and crimes of the legendary Edward “Blackbeard” Teach (Malcovich). Set in the year 1715, Blackbeard and his crew overtake a ship to gain control of a device that will “change society, sea-trade and global business,” but Tom Lowe (Richard Coyle) — who may or may not be more than just the ship’s surgeon — manages to destroy the asset before it can be stolen. As you’ll see in the trailer, certain parties don’t take kindly to circumvented plans:

Crossbones looks like a fun ride, and provides the perfect stage for some grand Malkovich mustache twirling. If NBC continues to give free reign to great showrunners like Bryan Fuller and Neil Cross, they might just be back in competition with some of the cable networks. The series doesn’t need to do much to best Starz’ less than gripping Black Sails; heck, I abandoned ship the first episode.

Crossbones also stars Tracy Ifeachor, Yasmine Al Massri, Julian Sands, David Holfin, Ezra Buzzington and Lauren Shaw; it premieres May 30th.

Cindy Davis, (Twitter) would watch Malkovich chew on a toothpick for an hour.

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  • logan

    I love all the things piratey so i will watch this but its network so that means it probly will suck.
    Black Sails is not a wild thrill ride either but it does have boobs.

  • VonnegutSlut

    Awwhh, shit: another fracking log book--that was one of Black Sails' biggest fails (from what I can remember--I watched almost all of the episodes and would be hard pressed to tell you more than a handful details about the whole damn show.)

    That said, I am hoping this is good--perhaps they'll build another Hannibal/Graham type of frenemy dynamic with Blackbeard & The Doc.

    (Little known fact: "Blackbeard & The Doc" was NBC's lowest rated buddy cop procedural from the 70s. Now you know...)

  • John G.

    John Malkovich will splash the pot whenever the fuck he please.


  • BWeaves

    Well, obviously I cannot choose the cup in front of you . . .

  • Ian Fay

    Has anyone read the book? I loves me some pirates.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    Even the header pic has me excited. I am intrigued. DVRs ahoy!


  • Fabius_Maximus

    That is not only Moist von Lipwig, but also Adora Belle Dearheart (Claire Foy).

  • Ben

    Holy shit I knew there was a malkoviche pirate show but I had no idea Cross was involved. Hype as hell for this now.

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