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Brittany Murphy Is Gonna Get Herself Shot

By TK | Trailers | December 2, 2009 | Comments ()


I can't say I ever expected to write two pieces on Brittany Murphy so close together, but the world is an imperfect place. A couple of weeks ago, we mentioned that she had been cast in the goofy-sounding horror movie The Caller, and I mocked both her and the plot. It's what I do. I mock. Shove it.

Anyway, here's the trailer for her next flick, Across the Hall, written and directed by first-timer Alex Merkin. It's based on Merkin's own short film of the same name. Here's the IMDB plot summary:

Terry (Danny Pino, "Cold Case") learns that his fiancée, June (Murphy), has checked into a hotel with another man, sending him into a fit of near-homicidal fury. Desperate to hear a friendly voice, he calls his best friend (Mike Vogel, Cloverfield), admitting he's in a hotel room across the hall from June and plans to kill her lover.

That's about as bare bones as it gets, and much as I like to tear down Murphy, I have to admit that this is one of the more well-done trailers I've seen in a while. It gives a nice sense of mood and foreboding atmosphere, has an effective mix of quick cuts and long shots, and appears to have a certain claustrophobic tautness that appears promising. Of course, it helps that Murphy doesn't actually speak in the trailer.

Anyway, behold:

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