42: Jackie Robinson Trailer
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Life, the Universe, and Everything (i.e. Baseball): Trailer for 42

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trailers | September 24, 2012 | Comments ()


Sports films come in two basic types. There are the ones that follow the template, that give us the underdog, beat them down, cue the montage, and then spend the last act on the big game that is won or lost on the final play. Those are sports movies that really are movies about sports. And there's nothing wrong with that. But there is a second breed of sports movie that takes the genre but rejects the form. These are the films that are telling stories, in which sport is the backdrop but not the point. 42 seems to be that sort of film.


I like the decision in the trailer to use the Jay-Z instead of something period appropriate. Rather than being an anachronistic disconnect, it sets the mood for storytelling that is meant to tell a story that speaks to us today instead of just being a window to a past.

Plus, it's got Harrison Ford taking a stab at a serious meaningful role for what seems like the first time since he told Gary Oldman to get off of his plane. Remember when Ford wasn't a caricature? I'd like to say I'm rooting for a late career resurgence for Ford, but the price might very well be another couple of Indiana Jones disasters, and I'm not sure that is worth it.

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  • tamatha_uhmelmahaye

    I am looking forward to seeing this! Thanks SLW for bringing it to my attention.

  • ed newman

    A friend of mine (ex MLB player) was the baseball consultant on this film. So I am glad the play seems authentic (I'm looking at you, Tim Robbins).

  • Vi

    You see, you can do a modern combination with a period piece movie, but you have to do it well. This was nothing like watching that bucket of diarrhea that Luhrmann is coming out with.

  • ,

    Thanks, now I can feel less guilty about skipping "Trouble With the Curve" and have something else to look forward to next April besides the start of another glorious season.

  • TK

    I love the look of it. The only thing I'm unsure of is the bat-flipping. As a storytelling device, it works outstandingly well on screen. I don't know how realistic it is, though. But if it DID happen, it's one of the rare moments when it's absolutely warranted, and makes me love Robinson (who, along with Ted Williams, is one of my baseball heroes) a little more.

  • Carlito

    That Jay-Z choice is a fantastic combination with how that trailer is cut. Sports movie goosebumps all the way. I also spied Chris Meloni, and the credits indicate that John C. McGinley and Alan Tudyk show up as well. This one will be firmly on my radar.

  • JenVegas

    I don't even really care about sports movies but this one looks like it needs to go on my Must See List.

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