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30 Minutes or Less Trailer: Finally, Aziz Ansari In More than Small Doses in Ruben Fleischer‘s Follow-Up to Zombieland

By Dustin Rowles | Trailers | April 22, 2011 | Comments ()


Ruben Fleischer's Follow-Up to Zombieland, 30 Minutes or Less, stars Jesse Eisenberg as a pizza-delivery guy who is abducted, has a bomb strapped to him, and given nine hours to rob a bank or the bomb explodes. He enrolls his best friend, played by Aziz Ansari, to assist in the bank-robbing endeavor, as well as buddies played by Danny McBride and Nick Swardson.

It looks funny. My only concern is that, this is the Red Band trailer, and for a Red Band trailer, it's kind of mild. But I did the cast, the concept, and of course Fleischer, who gets the benefit of the doubt at least until he makes a kids' flick.

(Source: IGN)

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