"Zombieland" Television Series is a Go

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trade News | March 26, 2013 |

But should such shows at this point even be called "television series"? They're not being produced for airing on television, and the descriptor is only really valid because thus far the shows produced have conformed more or less to the standard lengths of episodes and such. But we may see that hallowed 42 minute episode transitioning to a more free form length once divorced entirely from the time block minus ad time logic of actual networks.

But more importantly is the question of grammar. Our standard is to italicize movie titles and put quotes around television series. What do we do with these new sorts of productions? We're going to need some seriously synergistic staff meetings to work this out.

Oh yeah, "Zombieland". It's got a cast now, below is a production shot of the four main cast members (you can click to marginally embiggen it):


From this single photograph I can tell that the show is going to be fantastic. Why? I'm not disclosing my secrets to you. Figure it out for yourself.

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