"Zombieland" Television Series is a Go

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trade News | March 26, 2013 | Comments ()


Amazon has announced that it has given the green light to a "Zombieland" television series. Which is a funny thing to say, because the implication is that it will presumably be aired via Amazon's streaming service. In conjunction with Netflix's forays into original content with "House of Cards" and "Arrested Development" this is an interesting turning point in media. Whether cord cutting is feasible or not, it is a growing phenomenon, to the point that even HBO is considering the possibility of allowing a subscription based access to HBO Go at this point. That's something HBO has always meticulously shied away from.

But should such shows at this point even be called "television series"? They're not being produced for airing on television, and the descriptor is only really valid because thus far the shows produced have conformed more or less to the standard lengths of episodes and such. But we may see that hallowed 42 minute episode transitioning to a more free form length once divorced entirely from the time block minus ad time logic of actual networks.

But more importantly is the question of grammar. Our standard is to italicize movie titles and put quotes around television series. What do we do with these new sorts of productions? We're going to need some seriously synergistic staff meetings to work this out.

Oh yeah, "Zombieland". It's got a cast now, below is a production shot of the four main cast members (you can click to marginally embiggen it):


From this single photograph I can tell that the show is going to be fantastic. Why? I'm not disclosing my secrets to you. Figure it out for yourself.

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  • Quatermain

    I came home late one night from the bar and I was flipping channels and I ran across a documentary about guys that pay thousands and thousands of dollars for hyper-realistic sex dolls. Whoever that is in your header picture looks like one of those dolls and it's creeping me out.

  • Aaron Schulz

    yeah, thats an unsettling picture. how does a real person look like they crossed into the uncanny valley.

  • Robert

    I italicize TV shows and films and only put quotes around individual episode titles within, like segments in an anthology film or TV episodes. I never noticed you guys put quotes are TV show titles and now I'm confused.

  • Guest

    "From this single photograph I can tell that the show is going to be fantastic. Why? I’m not disclosing my secrets to you. Figure it out for yourself."

    You're probably going to have to give at least a few clues because this shit looks terrible. F#$@, I am sick of Zombies.

    Side note: I'm glad to see Hollywood diversified the series by casting a half Brazilian / half German actress to play "Wichita" giving a nod to Hispanics (sort of), who are the largest minority in Wichita.

  • koko temur

    Because they cast fat, middle aged Aragorn?

  • Anarchy! They all have chocolate on their mouths and none of them gives a shizz.

  • JJ

    "From this single photograph I can tell that the show is going to be
    fantastic. Why? I’m not disclosing my secrets to you. Figure it out for

    Because they cast Jason Giambi?

  • Guest

    I thought that was Jeremy Giambi...

  • JJ

    Or their little-known brother, Karl Giambi?

  • Bert_McGurt

    Is it because Tallahassee up there looks like Boyd Crowder made sweet hobbit love to Samwise Gamgee?

  • Belly laugh: A great way to start the day.

  • Guest

    jebus, i cant unsee this now. Whyy?!

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