Zoe Saldana In 'Rosemary's Baby' Remake...They Better Not Cut A Single Hair On Her Na'vi Head

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Zoe Saldana In 'Rosemary's Baby' Remake…They Better Not Cut A Single Hair On Her Na'vi Head

By Joanna Robinson | Trade News | January 9, 2014 | Comments ()


In case you had somehow missed the terrible birth announcement, NBC, in all their infinite wisdom, is making a miniseries of the 1968 Roman Polanski classic, Rosemary’s Baby. This is a terrible idea, we all agree, right? What do you remember of the movie, really? Besides some creeping period appropriate horror, the amazing Ruth Gordon, that ad campaign on the last season of Mad Men and Mia Farrow’s haircut? On the whole, not promising fodder for a remake set in modern Paris and starring Zoe Saldana.

I quite like Zoe and I’m excited to see what she does when she’s free James Cameron’s CGI yoke, but this isn’t promising. A made-for-TV horror miniseries? Jessica Lange you ain’t, Zoe. Speaking of American Horror Story, the Rosemary’s Baby remake is being co-written by the FX drama’s James Wong. He also wrote Final Destination so, you know, watch out for Parisian busses.

Though this is all around terrible news at least we can breath a sigh of relief that Jennifer Lawrence and her new hair are not involved.


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  • e jerry powell

    Was Devil's Due not enough as far as raking Rosemary's Baby over the coals?

  • The original is indisputably a classic, not only of horror but just of cinema itself.
    However, I don't think that in itself means that a remake is out of the question. I have always loved Zoe Saldana in whatever she has chosen to do, right down to the schlock. She is amazing to watch. I will probably watch this if it ever comes out.

  • BarbadoSlim

    For real? She's doing the work that Roselyn Sanchez WOULD be doing if she didn't have such a crappy agent.

  • Robert

    What I remember is a masterwork of horror and suspense adapted nearly page for page, line for line, from one of the greatest horror novels of all time. I also remember that the haircut isn't just a haircut, but an important plot point that really sets the gaslighting in motion. Rosemary's sanity is immediately questioned for daring to chop off all her hair when she was so pretty before.

    The original remake campaign said they were going to stay truer to the book; they lied. NYC is a character in the novel, same as Rosemary, Guy, Minnie, or Roman. Taking it out of NYC, when the event that sets everything into motion is the out of nowhere success of Guy's theatrical career on Broadway, is pure stupidity.

  • Dennis Albert Ramirez

    as a self-professed horror fan, i admit it took me forever to finally get to watching this film, and I too remember it as a fantastic example of what the horror genre is capable of and completely deserving of all the accolades it gets.

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