Zach Braff and Bill Lawrence Acknowledge Your Feelings About 'Scrubs' Season 9

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Zach Braff and Bill Lawrence Acknowledge Your Feelings About 'Scrubs' Season 9

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | April 2, 2014 | Comments ()


Bedridden with bronchitis and hopped up on antibiotics, Zach Braff addressed the difficulty How I Met Mother had in ending with the perfect finale by correctly acknowledging that Six Feet Under had the best series finale ever.

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 8.00.43 AM.png

However, Bill Lawrence pretty much nailed it with the season eight finale of Scrubs. Unfortunately, there was still another season to go, which Braff suggests we forget about.

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 8.01.37 AM.png

Oh no! But wait! I liked season 9! It gave us more Eliza Coupe. And Aziz Ansari. And Kerry Bishe. And Dave Franco. It wasn’t as good as the rest of the series, but it was still much better than most sitcoms. I LIKED IT, and so did Leah Farr, damnit.

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 8.03.11 AM.png


OK, fine. Lawrence is probably right.

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 7.57.05 AM.png

I will not deny that the season eight finale was perfection, though. I still watch the last few minutes whenever I’m feeling melancholy. This is how you end a series.

Goddamn, that is good TV.

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  • Nick

    The video posted after "this is how you end a series" is not the finale........

  • Scrubs is one of my all time favorites but for me the end of season 5 was the perfect ending (minus the final pregnancy surprise). There was some good stuff after but 5 was the perfect conclusion.

  • DominaNefret

    Scrubs is one of the very very few sitcoms I have ever enjoyed. I am also not a sitcom person. As a general rule, they just aren't my thing. As you said, it isn't a snobbery thing, just a matter of personal taste.
    I've seen Scrubs all of the way through 2-3 times though, and reading this article is just making me want to do it again.

    I was actually talking to a friend about Scrubs the other day. He was telling me that his favorite characters had always been Cox and The Janitor, until I mentioned that Kelso ALWAYS has the funniest lines. After that, he started paying more attention to Kelso, and realized that I was right. Everything that man says is funny.

    One of my favorite shows of all time.

  • Scrubs and M*A*S*H are the only two tv shows that have really nailed their finales for me.

    That said, I also liked Scrubs 2.0. It was different, but it had its own charm. And Eliza Coupe.

  • Green_Eggs_and_Hamster

    And if it was like HIMYM, then after telling Elliot how much he loves her, they would be divorced 15 minutes later.

  • Matt C.

    Aziz wasn't in the ninth season, only the eighth.

  • kirbyjay

    Did you just hear the birth of PENNY CAN??????
    Scrubs really was the best. It's in my top 5.
    Not in any order
    Dick Van Dyke
    The Middle/That 70's Show ( tie)
    I will watch them, anytime, anywhere, anyhow.

  • Guest

    Oh no! But wait! I liked season 9! It gave us more Eliza Coupe. And Aziz Ansari. And Kerry Bishe.

    Ditto I liked it too... And it gave us more Michael Mosley.

    Watch his new show - Sirens on USA. It's really good and my second favorite new show after Brooklyn Nine-Nine this year.

  • Mike D. Dubs.

    While I enjoyed the ending to "My Soul on Fire", the actual ending of season 8 is what really nailed it for me.

    It was his hopes as to how the future would turn out. Such a beautiful way to give us our happy ending, but also let us know that life continues and who knows what will happen. I loved it.

  • Fun fact: This song (the original Magnetic Fields version) would go on to be the first dance song at my wedding, four years after this episode aired. But back when we first saw it, my then-boyfriend and I already knew that this was our song (a Magnetic Fields concert played a critical role in saving our relationship during a rough patch, it's a long story). So to say that there were waterworks during this moment in the season 8 finale is a bit of an understatement, and why yes I did start tearing up at my desk just thinking about it. I don't think I could actually watch it again without dissolving into a puddle of emotions, but I have so much love for this moment of television.

    On a lighter note, I also got to correct someone on the internet for the first time the day after this episode aired, when someone on TWoP (RIP) had the audacity to suggest that Peter Gabriel wrote this song.

  • I loved the "who's to say my daydreams won't turn out to be true.... just this once."

  • mzblackwidow

    perfect season finale. I never watched 9

  • TacoBellRey

    The best part about that video is the obnoxious amount of hair that is on Elliot and JD's baby.

  • anikitty

    It didn't end that way, right? It ended with JD taking a last walk out of the hospital. Seeing former patients and colleagues like the grandma who was the first patient who died. Then he sees his wedding to Elliot projected on a white screen. It falls and the janitor insults him 1 last time.

    I haven't seen it multiple times and it doesn't make me cry. Because that would be ludicrous.

    That Hey Ya was sweet too.

  • Danny

    It isn't the Janitor who insults him one last time; it's a different janitor, played by Bill Lawrence, who throws out the white screen and says bye to JD.

  • anikitty

    Thanks. Good thing I didn't call him "Janitor." Just "janitor"...although I was probably thinking of Jan Itor. In your fanfic don't all the janitors insult him? It's a cabal and there are short shorts.

  • TacoBellRey

    I'm rewatching Scrubs on Netflix it is still as enjoyable as the first time. Currently on Season 2.

  • Mentalcase

    It's probably THE most rewatchable show. An argument could be made for Arrested Development and I'm sure you could make that argument.

  • SB

    I'm also rewatching Scrubs on Netflix and it drives me insane that they couldn't use certain songs. JD and Elliot getting it on (for the sex buddies stage) to anything other than Dreaming of You by The Corral is blasphemy.

  • drmsd-O'Hurn

    Wait, what?!? That totally blows. Changing the music is like changing a character.

  • Al Borland's Beard

    I completely forgot that Aziz was in Scrubs. Anyways, the best finale was Dinosaurs. Why? Because it ended realistically.

  • Classic

    I loved Dinosaurs! I remember being a little kid saying OMG! They are all dead! Also it was strange to me at that time that a comedy would have an ending like that.

  • Three_nineteen

    Count me in as one of the people who enjoyed AfterScrubs.

  • lumenatrix

    I did too, but I do agree it should have been treated as a spin-off and not a continuation.

  • Joey.blowey

    It was quite a jarring shock at first , but Season 9 got better as it went along. Too bad it was axed at 13 episodes.

  • Yes, it got better once there was no more JD. It really should have been a proper spin off.

  • JustOP

    Scrubs is such a great show - it was better than Friends and HIMYM in many ways - character development (The Todd made me laugh more times than Barney Stinson ever did), depiction of relationships, it's overall plot and it's little side stories. It had so many inconic scenes too, ('Where do you think we are?', 'The Rabies episode', 'Micheal J Foxes episode' etc).

    The ending of season 8 was quite literally perfect; it hit every single note it had to. I'll always think of it as the true ending to Scrubs. I think the problem with season 9 was the new 'main character'; out of the rest of the cast, she was the blandest and least funny with a character arc that was clearly the same as JD's ('starts insecure, grows more and more confident over time'). I actually grew to like some of the new characters, like the hard-ass blonde, the gruff guy, and the little squeaky lady.

  • NateMan

    What a nice go-to show. Almost always cheerful, occasionally touching, with a cast that clearly liked each other a lot. Mindless entertainment at its best.

  • Tracey Harrington McCoy

    i love that you guys post this stuff. it's awesome.

  • khaleesoy

    Gee, thanks. Now I will have to rewatch the entire Season 8.

  • Joey.blowey

    Forget that, I'm going to binge watch again from the first episode.

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