Yvonne Strahovsky Joining Dexter For Season 7 Is Totally Reason Enough For Gratuitous Pictures
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Yvonne Strahovski Joining "Dexter" For Season 7 Is Totally Reason Enough For Gratuitous Pictures

By Rob Payne | Trade News | June 13, 2012 | Comments ()


Fans of the perpetually not-cancelled "Chuck" and at least the second game of the Mass Effect series have, frankly, been trapped in a well of depression that is wholly unrelated to those two things finally coming to their respective ends. No, they'll always have the seasons on DVD/Blu-ray, they'll always be able to re-play Mass Effect 2, and, for better or worse, they'll always have the memories. But no matter where they were the first time they ever set eyes on Yvonne Strahovski, it probably felt a little something like this:

Thankfully, the television gods, while often cruel and lacking empathy, are also notoriously good at keeping some of the most attractive people on the planet in front of our eyeballs, which means their needs and our wants are not always mutually exclusive. Because Strahovski will be returning to TV land next year in the seveneth season of Showtime's "Dexter." I find this especially fortuitous because just last month, Dustin made a SRL about casting the female version of the Dexter character in a new show, and a couple of commenters tossed in Strahovksi's name as a qualified candidate. Now, it's too early to say whether her character Hanna McKay will be the female foil to our anti-hero, but naturally she's billed as having a secret only Dexter himself can suss out. So, it's possible, sort of, in a way, exactly what Yvonne Fan always wanted. And that's nice.

So, considering "Dexter" is a premium show on a premium network, it's entirely possible we'll see more of agent Sarah Walker (that's not her real name) than we ever have before -- not counting pixel-based, underpants-clad sex scenes, of course. In honor of that, here's some of Strahovski's showiest work to-date. Enjoy!






Okay, okay, okay. For good measure, here are a few shots of Dexter himself, Michael C. Hall...




Rob Payne also writes the comic The Unstoppable Force, tweets on the Twitter @RobOfWar, and his wares can be purchased here and here (if you're into that sort of thing). Like with "House," he's never watched a whole episode of "Dexter," but he might start soon.

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  • Johnnyseattle

    Wienerlicious. Guess I have to watch Dexter now.

  • Salieri2

    Is it me or does Michael C. Hall kind of look like Timothy Olyphant sort of swelled?

  • Muhnah_Muhnah

    Guess I'm going to have to watch Dexter then.

  • Barry

    Cutest buckteeth on the planet, and she better not get 'em fixed. EVER

  • paquito

    For heaven's sakes, you write an entire article about the actress and you misspell her name the entire time? It's Strahovski.

  • Fixed, and thanks for being so kind, sir or madame.

  • BiblioGlow

    Well it'd be weirder if he only misspelled it half the time, wouldn't it? Misspelling it the entire time means he was simply mistaken (and, therefore, deserves to die engulfed in flames for the crime of Being Less Than Perfect on the Internet. Or so we can infer from your comment). Misspelling it half the time would imply that he simply got so distracted during the article that he stopped paying attention. There'd have to be something pretty damn distracting in an article for that to happen...

  • otherotherothergreg

    fuck you rob
    fuck you forever

  • John G.

    Pete Holmes?

  • I get that reference!

  • John G.

    You sir, are awesome

  • I'm kind of obsessed with You Made It Weird and his appearances on Doug Loves Movies. He and T.J. Miller together are the teets.

  • John G.

    Yogi Bear! Denver! YA!

  • Oh, I've been to Prague

    God Bless Sobe

  • Fredo

    Odds on her showing us her secret agents? 125%

    Odds on her seeing the next season: 5%

  • ,

    Thanks for that clip. She looks yummy, like a creamsicle.

  • Wembley

    Why do women always feel the need to flip me off?

  • lowercase_ryan

    and why do I love it so much when they do?

  • Magiel

    *I'll be at me bunk*

  • lowercase_ryan

    one does not simply go to their bunk, you must enter the bunk to truly experience the bunk.

  • L.O.V.E.

    Nevermind the bunk ... I will be in my bunker. 30 days supply of energy bars and dish towels.

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