You Say Patrick Wilson Would Never Sleep With Someone Who Looks Like Lena Dunham? Patrick Wilson's Wife Begs to Differ
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You Say Patrick Wilson Would Never Sleep With Someone Who Looks Like Lena Dunham? Patrick Wilson's Wife Begs to Differ

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | February 14, 2013 | Comments ()


Now this folks is some real-life shut-the-front door badassery. So, maybe you've heard about this show called "Girls." And maybe you've also heard that in last Sunday night's episode, Lena Dunham's character had a two-day torrid love affair with a character played by Patrick Wilson. Dunham was nude a lot in the episode, and many people were shocked to find that underneath her clothes, Lena Dunham doesn't look like Elisha Cuthbert. This made some people uncomfortable. Some of us even wrote about. Some people, however, were total f*cking dicks about it, like this woman on Twitter.

Screen Shot 2013-02-16 at 9.09.18 AM.png

Why wouldn't Wilson sleep with a woman who looks like Dunham? What's that you say? Because she's not a stick-thin super model? That's interesting, because this woman thinks otherwise.

Screen Shot 2013-02-16 at 9.10.26 AM.png

Oh yeah, and by the way, that woman? Dagmara Dominczyk. That's Patrick Wilson's wife, and she just owned the fucking Internet.


Boom! You just got Dagmara'd.


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Comments Are Welcome, Bigots and Trolls Are Not

  • Buck Forty

    At least maybe we're now acknowledging what Dustin couldn't: it's women more than men who are more likely to be unable to accept the idea of a Patrick Wilson with a Lena Durham. As many other guys have noted already on Pajiba, we seriously aren't all looking for the 'hot' bodies we see on so many women's magazines covers. We just want a real woman, who's willing/ready to have sexy time with us.
    And no, I'm not pandering to gain Man Points. If women spent less time worrying about whether they were thin/sexy enough and more time just relaxing and enjoying life they might find they do in fact enjoy life more. (By which I mean 'sexy time'). Seriously, do you think a guy hasn't looked in the mirror and realized he doesn't look like People Magazines Sexiest Man Alive? And yet, oddly enough he still manages to go on living....

  • morejoy68

    Dagmara Dominczyk's comment was fantastic. However, she is, also, a very beautiful woman regardless of size. Lena Dunham is not. I object to the idea that plain women cannot get good-looking men, but I think it is disingenuous to compare these two particular woman.

  • Liz

    But uh......that lady is really beautiful. Hannah on Girls is dumpy and kind of gross and wears the shittiest clothes.

  • Aaand we're back to my way earlier point that Girls isn't as annoying and exhausting as the 'controversies' that keep coming up about it. I watched the entire first season and didn't hate it, but I did have an overwhelming sense of "THIS? This is what everyone's up in arms about?" Because man, talk about making mountains out of molehills.

  • denesteak

    true fucking that.

  • e jerry powell

    Not only did Davies get owned, she's shut down her twitter account entirely.

  • Aidan Harr

    This whole discussion is so weird to me because I've been crushing on Lena Dunham since "Tiny Furniture." A girl who's smart, sassy, AND a filmmaker is a catch in my book.

  • Jo

    Is Pajiba sponsored by Lena Dunham's body these days? Enough is enough dude.

  • Nadine

    Awesome. That is a god damned sexy couple right there.

  • yocean

    I saw the clip from the episode and if anything it reassured me that it's not the show I want to see, not because I think the pairing is believable (any 40 something guy would sleep with 20 something girl throwing herself at him if he's single-- or married in many cases sadly), that's the least of it. No, I hate the show because she is so self involved and insensitive to other and just me me me, I have feelings and I am talented and I can justify exploiting my friend's private moments for my gain and being a 25 years old emmy winner because I am talented and brave! Truth is, a courage is just a minimal requirement for an artist and I don't believe her start line was at the same place as others. And instead of making something of her fortune (I mean, I guess for some people she is doing it maybe) she pretty much spends much of her fortune making excuse of it. I have no interest in learning about the spoiled and unappreciative.

  • uprooter

    I understand the criticism. But TV isn't always about good people- and the show doesn't celebrate spoiled unappreciative behavior, it criticizes it. The show regularly makes a huge joke of how entitled Hannah and her friends are.

    Most of our TV is about characters with flaws. It's Always Sunny is about the worst people on the planet! Mad Men has adulterers and liars, Game of Thrones has manipulators and murderers, even the lightest comedies have clumsy, ugly, frivolous, flaky, under-motivated or grating characters.

    I, for one, think it's interesting to see this particular subset of society (the entitled New York writer) under parody!

  • Guest

    Many times this. ^

  • I'd like to add that this whole thing with Wilson is getting out of hand. He is, at best, a nice looking guy--not some out of this world gorgeous man. I'm not seeing such a vast attractiveness disconnect between the two characters.

  • prairiegirl

    I agree that it is all out of hand. I think people are missing the whole point of the episode. Her typical selfishness was kept in check until the end (mostly - except for her continuing need to call him Josh, in spite of his insistence on being called Joshua) when she totally Hannah-ed out and that is when he realized who/what she really was, completely disconnected and that was that. Up until that point, I think he was just a lonely, nearly divorced guy enjoying having someone kind of awed by him, and getting some action from a very willing participant.

    I really enjoy Girls but am done of all the controversy. If people don't like the show, why the hell are they watching it?

  • competitivenonfiction

    Oh dear, you are mistaken. It doesn't matter what the man looks like. If he's a halfway decent guy he is entitled to a super model/porn star type.

  • "...entitled to a supermodel/porn star type."

    You say that like it's a good thing.

  • competitivenonfiction

    Whether he wants her or not!!

  • Ugh, can't get the link to work.

  • Badger

    Ummm... She's a lot better looking than Lena Dunham. I doubt Lena Dunham is a size ten. A size ten doesn't have a muffin top. And I bet she doesn't either.

  • TheReinaG

    I'm a size 2 and sometimes get a little muffin top. It depends where your curves are, and doesn't have anything to do with size, more the size and fit of your clothing and how they sit on your body.

  • competitivenonfiction

    Oh! I'm a 10 (an 8 on good days) AND have a killer muffin top. Muffin tops happen based on fit/how your fat falls, not on size. You could be a 4 with some muffin top if you're super unlucky and have bad fitting pants.

  • ,

    Doesn't matter what size you are, you can create a muffin top by wearing clothes that don't fit you, that are way too tight. I live in a town with a big college, I see lots of pretty girls on the street, but few of them (especially at night when they hit the bars) wear clothes that I would call "attractive." Usually too short and too tight is what comes out at night.

    Mrs. , is (I hope I get this right) a size 16, and she knows this.

  • BendinIntheWind

    Still haven't seen "Girls", but I just want to declare how much I lurve Patrick Wilson. Goddamn that man is sexy. "Prometheus" built up a lot of goodwill right at the beginning by sneaking him in there and making him surprise British.

  • al

    I'm not everyone's cup of tea, I've been described as stunning by some and average by others. At the end of the day, personality is what counts and THAT'S what makes it hard to believe that ANYONE would have sex with Hannah Horvath, and since by her own accounts, Hannah is quite derivative of herself that extends to Lena Dunham.

  • Pants-are-a-must

    Lady, I tip my ladyhat to you. Own them trolls.

  • kucheza

    I'm a so-so looking girl and I have scored plenty of hot dudes (they themselves were confused by this). It's called sass, ya'll, and I can only think the sexiness of said sass is such a well-kept secret because corporate America can't fucking bottle and sell it.

  • Salad_Is_Murder

    Ah yes, the well kept secret of available and willing. Such a mystery of the ages!

  • ,

    Sass and ass FTW.

  • HMDK

    Yeah, we've never seen "sass" bottled and sprayed on-screen before... wait... huh. Seriously, your comment is exactly like what you'd expect to hear from a "best friend" in a romcom. Sorry. That was harsh but... eh.

  • firedmyass

    You a damn dick. You willfully missed the point. These two things might be related.

  • Rochelle

    So true.

  • Pookie

    I just did some research on Wilson’s old lady, Dagmara Dominczyk. That broad is from Poland and her dad got mixed up in some polish army solidarity bullshit and they had to flee the country. I knew it just by looking at that broad that she is hell on wheels. Those polish broads like to fuck angrily because they have anger issues.

  • pawlit

    Very informed comment. I see you're a student of history and society.

    She was seven when her family fled Poland so yeah, probably she's all about that "polish army solidarity bullshit" (again, bravo on your expert grasp on historical events and contexts).

    As to here response. That's all well and good but she is WAAAAY hotter than Len Dunham so the point remains.

  • Pookie

    Listen pilgrim I don’t like your tone, don’t get sideways with me, that sassy tongue that god gave you don’t mean nothing to me. I’m just telling you how those broads from Poland, Russia, and the rest of those eastern bloc countries act in bed, with them it’s all about power. Anger and passion equals power. Typical American, don’t know anything beyond the borders. You probably spend your days emailing your friends up-skirt shots.

  • ,

    THAT'S the Pookie I know and lov ... errr ... hat ... errr ... lov .... errr ....

    Help me out here, Pooks: Loved or hated, what's your preference? I just want you to be happ ... errr ... angr ... errr ...

    Aw fuck. I'm gonna break that no booze before noon rule today, I just know it.

  • HMDK

    There's tongue in cheek. And there's foot in mouth. Don't try mixed athletic moves unless your bendy enough.

  • alwaysanswerb

    Bless, Pookie, you are on form today

  • kilmo

    Ugh enough. I don't care about her size. This conversation is getting tired. I care that her character is a seemingly terrible person, who's self centered, etc.

    Actually the only thing I care about is her terrible sense of style. She doesn't dress for her body, which causes her look extra frumpy and gross. She is a candidate for 'What not to wear,' both on the show and in real life. She really needs to cover her arms, her tattoos are terrible.

  • Kballs

    I agree from what I've heard about her charac---oh wait, you don't really care about that you only care about her style. OK, yeah, her clothes are weir---hold on, didn't you just say you didn't care about her siz---tattoos??? This got out of hand quickly . . .

  • e jerry powell

    There are lots of people out there who are saying that it's more about her character than her size. Problem is, @IreneDavies didn't say anything about Hannah, she said "Lena Dunham" straight up, so I'm all the way down with Kballs (as usual).

  • kilmo

    I do see what your saying. My wording obviously wasn't the greatest.

    However, her choice of clothes has nothing to do with her size. She isn't wearing mumus.

  • Pookie

    When it comes to ass, men aren’t very discerning.


    p.s. Rowles, I love you dude, but enough with the fucking pop-up videos.

  • e jerry powell

    Troo dat.

  • QueeferSutherland

    Hate to roll this grenade in the room and slam the door, but Wilson's wife is a lot more attractive than Hannah Horvath. Maybe you can make a case for Vogue cover Lena Dunham, but not the character she plays on Girls. That said, I like that Wilson's wife tweeted this and her point was well-made.

  • L.O.V.E.

    Also, the two married about 7 years ago when she was still in her 20's, and before she had two children with him. Don't think Lena has the excuse of having birthed two children in her 30's. Even with Lena being 15 years her junior, she is very much prettier than Lena.

  • L.O.V.E.

    I can appreciate her message, but its really apples and oranges.

  • ,

    As long as we're rolling grenades, can we cut to the chase here?

    Speaking as a guy: It's not what most women look like, it's what they're willing to do in the dark.

    There, it's out. Come on, that's what we're all thinking, isn't it?

    Girl would have to be an Orc* not to get a rise out of any guy by whispering in his ear, "Let's go somewhere I can ---- ---- ---- and ------- your ---."

    I'm on board with personality and sense of humor and proper attire and all that, but we seem to be dancing around the fact that maybe two people can discover they just really, really like to do dirty fucking things to each other, no matter what they look like.

    *--And even then, there are probably some guys who would be into Orc lovin'.

  • e jerry powell

    I grew up in gay the Texas Panhandle; believe me, it's not always about a woman if it gets down to "Let's go somewhere I can ---- ---- ---- and ------- your ---." If a man's tingly parts are fully engaged, a big enough hole in a saguaro will suffice, spines notwithstanding.

    Not a diss on Dunham, it's a diss on men in general.

  • alwaysanswerb

    Oooh, Mad Libs!

    Let's go somewhere I can serenade and admire your tonsils.
    Let's go somewhere I can immolate and scratch your toast.
    Let's go somewhere I can kick and imagine your second-cousins.
    Let's go somewhere I can embarrass and strangle your mortality.

  • Huh

    Wait, a size 10 is considered large?

  • e jerry powell

    Hon, Ralph Lauren thinks that a (US) size 4 is obese, remember?

    And if Oprah, who has more money than all the gods put together, has problems with her own size ten thighs, then yeah, something seriously fucked up is afoot.

  • Rochelle

    In Hollywood that's huge.

  • Kballs

    Good catch for Patrick. Self-effacing, beautiful and classy. Muffins for all!

  • wojtek

    Yeah, we're totally claiming that one.

  • tamatha_uhmelmahaye


  • I'll always remember him as the guy from Hard Candy...blecch. So this whole "attractive man" thing isn't really working for me.

  • FanTime

    You see this all over the internet whenever Patrick Wilson's name comes up, and it always confuses me. He's an ACTOR! He was ACTING! I guess the fact that SO MANY people can't see past that one role where he's concerned is just a testament to how great his performance was (and it was great). But sheesh, people, get over it!

  • Some things scar you, I guess.

  • e jerry powell

    I'll always remember him and Ben Shenkman having hot sex when Wilson played Meryl Streep's son in Angels In America, so...

    Well, to each his own.

  • Less Lee Moore

    Now interested in seeing Angels in America....

  • e jerry powell

    I'll always remember him having hot-man-sex as Meryl Streep's son in Angels In America, so...

    Well, to each his own.

  • Falstaff

    You know that cool thing that happens when paper burns, leaving only ash through which a thread of fire courses one last time before it disintegrates? Irene Davies' internet persona.
    Size anything, Mrs Wilson is SEXY. Lena Dunham, let everything hang out all you want, but you'll never get where that lady is in a black dress.

  • damnitjanet

    I've never heard of her, but she is now one of my favorite human beings ever.

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