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Where's a Bear Trap When You Need One?

By TK | Trade News | November 23, 2009 | Comments ()

By TK | Trade News | November 23, 2009 |

So far, Dan Aykroyd has been cast as the voice of Yogi, and Justin Timberlake is rumored to be playing the part of his diminutive sidekick Boo Boo.

I'm having a hard time coming to grips with the fact that my life led me to a place where I would type a sentence like that.

Also, Anna Faris will play Rachel, proving that she is determined to become the next Brittany Murphy -- acting in a couple of decent roles, and then descending into the depths of the Hollywood swamp of shame (we reported last week that she's acting in the less-than-promising looking TMI with R², as well as Robin Williams's Wedding Banned). Yikes.

Pretty much the only semi-amusing bit to come out of this news is that T.J. Miller also auditioned for (and was cast in) Yogi Bear, and as part of his audition he sent in a video of himself acting the part ... with an actual bear. The clip is actually rather charming and funny. If you don't know who Miller is, you probably last saw him screaming "OH MY GOD!" over and over in Cloverfield, where he played Hud, the cameraman. Anyway, check out his faux audition tape. (h/t to Slashfilm)

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