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November 19, 2008 |

By Dustin Rowles | Industry | November 19, 2008 |

How many spin-offs of The X-Men can they do? Wolverine hasn’t even hit theaters yet — and by one anonymous account I received, production was a clusterfuck and half the cast left thinking the movie was going to be absolute shit — and they’re already looking to expand the franchise even further. Not only are they developing a Magneto spin-off (an origins story, nixing McKellan) and a Deadpool spin-off (and with Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool, that’s a spin-off I can get behind), but now they’re looking to douche it up by doing a “90210” version of The X-Men. So far, only a screenwriter has been attached to X-Men: The First Class, but that scriptwriter is none other than Josh Schwartz, the writer and producer of “Chuck,” “The O.C.,” and “Gossip Girl.” Actually, how is it possible that the guy behind the semi-smart “Chuck,” is also behind “Gossip Girl”? OMG!

Anyway, Schwartz — who was also offered the directing gig, but turned it down — hasn’t divulged whether it will be a prequel focusing on the younger versions of the current big-screen characters or a contemporary movie, focusing on a new class of mutants. Still, I’m more against the idea than I am Schwarz. If they keep making X-Men movies, it’s gonna get “Heroes” syndrome — there’s gonna be so many characters that people are gonna stop giving a shit about any of them. And an “O.C.” Xavier Institute sounds terrible. But then again, I kind of dig Schwartz, “Gossip Girl,” notwithstanding, and he’s expressed animosity toward movies like Transformers in the past. So, he’s not completely contemptible. I guess the bigger issue, really, is that there doesn’t exist a collection of teenage talent that doesn’t include at least three or four insufferable actors, and you’re bound to get someone from High School Musical in it.

In an unrelated note, and because I have nowhere else to put this today, and it doesn’t deserve its own post, someone mixed the new Star Trek trailer with the theme song from “Smallville,” and it’s unbelievably brilliant and apropos. I know there are many who are optimistic (including Dan and our friend over at Galley Slaves). but this video honestly highlights everything I’m worried about in the new Star Trek. It is perfect.

Hollywood Pussifies the X-Men / Dustin Rowles

Industry | November 19, 2008 |

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