Xenophobic Fox Cast David Tennant in American Remake of 'Broadchurch'
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Xenophobic Fox Cast David Tennant in American Remake of 'Broadchurch'

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | October 2, 2013 | Comments ()


It’s one thing to remake a popular international show for American audiences that is in another language, or that might not be as readily accessible to American audiences, but remaking the UK’s Broadchurch seems beyond silly. The UK version, which is in the mother’s tongue, just finished airing here in America, and it was outstanding (or at least, the first and last episodes were). Why would we need an American remake of an English show that just aired on American television? Because of REASONS, that’s why.

To make matters worse, Fox has not only decided to remake the show, they’ve gone ahead and hired the same British actor to play the same role in the American remake. The only change? Tennant will sport an American accent, because the way Brits say the same words is just too confusing for network audiences.

You know who else remade a British show using the same British actor in the American remake? AMC. It’s called Low Winter Sun. No one watches it.

I have nothing against David Tennant getting more work — in fact, I applaud it — this is the height of unnecessary. Fox is going to take a very good eight-episode British series and drag it out until 10 or 13 episodes, and probably add a procedural component because the networks are under the assumption that, if at least one murder investigation isn’t solved in every single episode, viewers will lose interest.

Meanwhile, over in Britain, they are moving ahead with a second season to Broadchurch, and if you’ve seen the first season, you’ll probably be as confused as I about how that would even work.

(Source: TVLine)

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  • Jim

    There is no remake there is only Broadchurch and it broke my heart and I'm not listening to you and you're lying and I'm covering my ears nananananana I can't hear you you're not even there {closing eyes} nananananana

  • mrsdalgliesh

    See also: Cracker, and Touching Evil.

  • lorent

    Oh, please no. Broadchurch was great as is. They're going to Torchwood it up, aren't they?

  • BWeaves

    That was my first thought.

  • Xander

    To quote Terry Pratchett " It's not Brits who think American readers are a bunch of whinging morons
    with the geo-social understanding of a wire coathanger, it's American

  • Jo 'Mama' Besser

    That is so true. I'd be a bit insulted if I were American. So in Canada, if a program is full of British accents and it is broadcast on a Canadian station, accents stay intact. On a few occasions, I have run into the same program at some later date on an American channel and lo and behold it's dubbed or subtitled. Do they really think Americans are that dumb? Number of Americans I've known/met who couldn't understand those accents: zero. Zero. So what the hell with the underestimation? Being in a Commonwealth nation doesn't make our ears pick up special frequencies or act as a babel fish. That said, if they dub some of the voices the only English accent they leave untouched in that of the villain. Do what you will that information.

  • Ben

    You didn't get the special frequency ears? Shit man you got ripped off. Here in Australia the queen issues us with these electronic ears that can hear the really high pitched noises that usually only dogs can hear.

  • Marc Greene

    Any chance that one of the reasons they are doing it is monetary (i.e. acquiring licensing and distribution rights from the BBC might be a sticky wicket or something)? I like David Tennant and I hope he gets the chance to polish his American accent so he can do more THINGS.

  • foolsage

    David Tennant is too fucking talented to waste on remaking HIS OWN SHOWS. Come on, people.

  • Abby

    This reminds me of when the 2007 British movie Death at a Funeral, which featured an American dwarf character played by Peter Dinklage, was "remade" as an 2010 American movie... called Death at a Funeral, which featured an (American) dwarf character played by Peter Dinklage.

    I saw the British one in the theater, and remember a few years later seeing a poster for the 2010 one and wondering whether it was a parody?

  • Thor

    It wasn't. Just a straight up remake, but with mostly black people.

  • BWeaves

    The whole point of the show was the "who done it" mystery. We already know who the murderer is. WTF?

    There is no point to this. Plus, unless Tennant uses his panty wetting accent, I'm not interested.

  • Wigamer

    Sometimes when I'm sad I think of how he says "Miller" and then I'm happy again.

    Apparently Joanna does as well.

  • Ryan Ambrose

    Have I ever told you the definition of "insanity"? It's doing the same thing, over and over again, hoping it will change.

    Now change the word "insanity" for "redundancy" in this case. Next thing we know they'll be remaking "Luther" on NBC with Tyler Perry as the lead.

    But honest question, is "Low Winter Sun" really that bad or is it just an easy punchline on the internet because of the abysmal ratings?

    'Cause, you know, the same could be said about "Hannibal", which is a gorgeous and terrific show and terribly underseen, but I'm sensing that's not why LWS it is being mocked by everyone.

    P.S.: I have an addiction to using quotation marks. That must stop.

  • It won't be Tyler Perry as Luther, it'll be Blair Underwood. Someone at NBC desperately wants to make Blair Underwood happen.

  • Blake

    Blair's got Ironside now... I'm sure that will get six seasons (no movie) and his captain is an Asian American which I think is a first for NYPD cop show. Sorry it's one of my peeves that there are no Asian cops except for Hawaii 5-0.

  • basse buus

    But why should an American network miss the opportunity to mess up a good storyline? A lot of the European shows that get translated ultimately get their story changed.

  • theotherone

    Remake of "Broadchurch" Once again proves not only will Muricans not read subtitles they won't even watch a show where the English language is pronounced correctly.

  • Thor

    Actually what this proves is that subtitles aren't the reason Americans remake stuff. It's the Exceptionalsim.

  • Blake

    Point Thor.

  • Blake

    They are speaking English though not American...

  • JoannaRobinson

    15% of why I liked Broadchurch so much had to do with the way Tennant burred out "murrrrdurrrrr" and "Mullurrrrrrrrr."

  • Bloody Twitturrrrr.

  • snrp

    Maybe in the remake I'll be able to focus on the plot instead of just purring every time he speaks...

  • foca9

    Stop remaking, start enjoying the original – and usually – better version. David Tennant not speaking with his sexy accent? No, thank you.

  • $6950553

    I couldn't agree more about this being a bad idea, or multiple bad ideas.

    I don't understand how Broadchurch can work as a 22 episode a year series, eventually possibly being 100+ episodes if successful. It was hard enough stretching it out to 8 episodes.

    And the appeal of the show for me as an American viewer was the town itself, the specific place. Also frankly Jodie Whittaker went a long way to making it work, not just Tennant. And that's not reproducible either.

  • Why do you all hate Low Winter Sun so much?

  • Wednesday

    Because it's not a very good show, based on the first two episodes, at least. And these days, if an AMC show doesn't pique my interest in two episodes, I am disinclined to stick around for more punishment (a la The Killing and Hell on Wheels).

  • kasper

    It's even worse when the original series has already aired on an American network. First of all, just no. Watch the f'ing original series. You can deal with the accents. Second of all, your built in audience who this would appeal to the most (David Tenant fans, British drama fans) have already watched it. I have no idea what the numbers were for BBCA, but you have to figure a few hundred thousand at least have watched it via BBCA or itunes.

  • Allijo

    Fine. They can remake it because of REASONS and I will not watch it for ALL THE SAME REASONS.

    And frankly, Tennant, I'm a little disappointed in you for REASONS.

  • Blake

    WHY? It's the IT Crowd all over again.

    I wonder which sassy or hard nosed black or latino or vanilla white actress will be cast to play Colman's part?

  • bcarter3

    Angela Lansbury.

  • Martin Holterman

    Please tell me they didn't remake the IT Crowd.

  • Blake

    It's available online, just search for IT Crowd US.

    It's F*cking Terrible and there is even a shot by shot comparison floating around.

    *Sorry if this is a double post.

  • Jo 'Mama' Besser

    I didn't make it past five minutes.

  • $6950553

    They started to but abandoned it and didn't air the pilot. Joel McHale was Roy and Moss was played by the same actor as in the original whose name I'd butcher if I tried to spell it.

    I think making an American version of the IT Crowd is an excellent idea, because in many ways the IT Crowd seems like an American style sitcom in structure.

    But they'd have to thoroughly Americanize it and hire a lead who can actually act, unlike McHale.

  • Blake

    I'd down vote you for the McHale bit but I can't without a dumb Disqus account.

  • Green_Eggs_and_Hamster

    I down voted him for you. I don't particuarly care, I just don't want you to feel left out since you don't have an account. It seemed sad.

    I also down voted you to retain parity.

    Honestly, I am just down with down voting.

  • Joe Grunenwald

    I am actually somewhat frightened by the prospect of hearing David Tennant speak in an American accent.

  • madderrose74

    As much as I loves me some D-Ten, boyfriend cannot do an American accent-- it veers from weirdly flat to Ernest T. Bass. Nor should he HAVE to do one-- seems most folks can understand his Estuary accent, and the natural Scots is just-- well, what BWeaves said.

  • It's not great.

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