Will There Be a "Veronica Mars" Movie After All?

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | April 7, 2010 | Comments ()


The answer, of course, is no. But Rob Thomas, the showrunner for "Veronica Mars," is trying to keep hope alive, only so he can drag us through the coals, Arrested Development movie style. I don't know why this is necessary, but I suppose in their largely unsuccessful (so far) careers post "Veronica Mars" and "Arrested Development," these little nuggets of non-news keep us interested and keep them relevant.

The latest from Rob Thomas, in an interview with EW (via Collider) is that, despite protestations to the contrary, the "Veronica Mars" movie is not dead. In fact, though Warner Brothers dismissed Thomas' film treatment, declaring that there wasn't enough awareness of the character (and they're right -- go outside of "Pajiba-land" and it's "Veronica Who?"), Thomas says he's still like to find a way. He states:

"There is a bit of a ticking clock [because] Kristen Bell does continue to age," he concedes of his 29-year-old leading lady. "And doing 'teen detective' [is a] dicey proposition. But frankly, I think Veronica Mars as a 30-year-old noir detective at some point in the future would still be interesting to me.

My guess is that Thomas will continue to drag this proposition out until either he finds success elsewhere (Seth says his "Party Down" is fantastic, though I haven't gotten to it yet) or he's forced to change his pitch to a 40-year-old spinster noir detective, by which time Kristen Bell will have been beaten down so hard by the machinations of her terrible, awful fucking romantic comedies that she'll have to resort to such a movie.

But don't hold your breath, folks.

Hey, but look fellas: I won't send you away empty-handed.


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