I Must Be Tripping Balls

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OK, so apparently I dropped a shitload of acid without realizing it, and then I went to sleep, and guys... I had the most fucked up dream ever.


Oh, balls.

Look, I could give a fuck about Annie. Sure, the adorable little singing hobo captured people's hearts and was sort of a Depression-era sweetheart. And the 1982 film had a remarkably cool cast (Edward Herrmann as FDR? Albert Finney? Carol Burnett? TIM FUCKING CURRY?). But I don't really have any kind of nostalgic love for the property.

But this is just ri-goddamn-diculous.

So, yeah, Will Smith is going to produce a remake of Annie, starring his adorable daughter, Willow Smith. And Jay-Z is going to work on the music.

There's so much weird in those previous two sentences that I feel like I fell off the planet. But it's happening. Unbeknownst to me, 10 year-old Willow is apparently already on the move in the music world, including a video that was produced by Jay-Z and an album that was released on his label. Here's the video, should you care for aggravating, auto-tuned-as-fuck bubble gum pop:


Anyway, so it's happening. I don't even have a reaction. But I would ask that we try to ease up on the "hell naw" comments, because a) it's getting a little played out, and b) people occasionally stray into the racially insensitive realm at times when it comes to their urban movie/Will Smith criticisms. Not that you're gonna listen to me.

(source: Slashfilm)

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