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Who The Hell Elected Chris Hardwick As The Voice Of My Generation?

By Joanna Robinson | Trade News | October 11, 2013 | Comments ()


I want to like Chris Hardwick. Oh I really do. He likes all the things I like! And I don’t think he’s faking it. I believe he is genuinely a huge Doctor Who nerd. But I cannot, though I’ve tried, listen to The Nerdist podcast. Fantastic guests? Yes. Do I have an enormous ear crush on Hardwick’s co-host Matt Mira? Yes. But Hardwick’s brand of over-the-top enthusiasm without critical engagement? Oh man, it drives me bonkers. He’s like the most annoying guy in line at the convention.

Hardwick has his time and his place. I like him as a guest on podcasts I listen to. I’ve seen him moderate the hell out of a panel. But I resent his ubiquity. Not because I begrudge him success. He seems like such a nice guy. But because he purports to speak for me. For my community. And, I’m sorry. I think he’s doing it wrong. And the best, most mature thing to do when someone isn’t your cup of tea is to look the other way. Don’t like him? Don’t watch him. Simple as that. But anyone who watches a show on BBC or AMC knows that’s well nigh impossible. He’s there at every commercial break, grinning and quipping. And now he’s got a new late night show on Comedy Central. The show @midnight will debut October 21st. How many shows is that now, Hardwick? HOW MANY? MAKE IT STOP.

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  • ShagEaredVillain

    I stumbled on the Nerdist podcast on its second or third episode and have been hooked ever since. I have no idea how; I didn't even subscribe to podcasts at the time. Perhaps it was some residual love for "Singled Out"...

    I fell in love with his unbridled enthusiasm and relentless supportive attitude towards his guests. He's introduced me to new things and made me realize that I had written off some wonderful people (Josh Groban, Anna Kendrick).

    At the same time, I don't have cable. I'm in complete control of how much Chris Hardwick I'm exposed to.

    I'm thrilled with his success and feel like I was along for the ride on his journey to ubiquity. I can see how he can be overwhelming, but I'm damn proud of him.

  • Alanm

    I really liked him on Queer As Folk.

  • dizzylucy

    I listen to the Nerdist podcast regularly (Matt is hilarious) but when they had the BBC show, I tried 2 episodes and really didn't like it. Chris becomes super hyper on camera, and I definitely agree with the points made about Seacrest- I get wanting to take advantage of opportunities, but do too much at once and people get very annoyed.

  • $6950553

    I agree with this. His biggest problem is he gets weirdly hyper on tv. That's why I didn't like him before his podcast era.

  • manting

    he is like the nerd version of Ryan Seacrest. He is not particularly talented just an incredibly hard worker who evidently fellated every producer in Hollywood.

  • Meli_V

    I simply adore Chris, not everything he does, but his podcast is often so much fun to listen to and laugh with. I love Matt Mira and Jonah Ray. The TV shows I mostly skip because I would rather it be more critical instead of a continued gush of praise.

  • Guest

    I feel bad for him because he's probably read this sort of critique dozens of times. I've only listened to his podcast (I don't have cable, so I never see the Talking Dead stuff), and while I understand that it can be annoying when he loves everything unabashedly, he can at times be really insightful. And Jonah and Matt are always fun.

    But doesn't this always happen when someone from an oft overlooked part of society becomes famous (in this case, comedy/comic book/sci fi nerds)? Many resent the hell out of that fame, and while I understand it, it's kind of boring.

  • Nightsong

    That's just the thing, Chris Hardwick is NOT the voice of an overlooked subculture, he's an opportunistic famewhore who will attach himself to anything to reinvent himself any time there's a new way to get on TV. He was a radio DJ and Jenny McCarthy's game show sidekick in the 90s; he was a central cast member on an awful and short-lived sitcom later that same decade; he reinvented himself as "the Nerdist" when geek culture started to go mainstream; he successfully wormed his way into the zombie fad AND he attached himself to the success of Breaking Bad five years father the show's debut, just as critics were lauding it as a TV classic. No bandwagon is ever too crowded for Chris Hardwick as long as there's a camera and a microphone for him.

    If cricket inexplicably becomes a sensation in the US next year, Chris Hardwick will be hosting talk shows and podcasts about it before anyone even realizes what's happening, and he'll do it with infuriating enthusiasm while insisting that, yes, he's been a diehard cricket fan all these years and is really really psyched to see the sport explode with the masses.

  • Tinkerville

    I don't understand the vitriol here and that's not just because I love the Nerdist podcast. He doesn't do biting critical commentary, but I've never been under the impression that that's the aim of what he does. He provides a space for geeking out about things. For diving into that enthusiasm and having casual conversations with people whose work I love.

    For biting critical commentary I'll go elsewhere, but when I need to unwind for a bit it's nice to just be able to sit back and listen to fun, interesting people just talk.

  • John W

    The choices were him, Olivia Munn, Lena Dunham, or Russell Brand.

  • Wigamer

    Then he wins

  • I forgive him everything for All Star Celebrity Bowling. Great show.

  • junierizzle

    I like him.

  • I simply do not believe that he wants or claims to speak for anyone other than himself. Besides, he has 2 shows on. There are plenty of entertainment options in the universe so you can easily avoid those shows. I do believe he stopped making people watch his shows at gun point.

  • supergwarr

    I don't think purports to speak
    for anyone but himself and his fans and in fact he brings this up often on the
    podcast and in regards to him hosting everything I think he is fantastic. It is
    a very acquired skill.

    In regards to his enthusiasm i
    think it is a breath of fresh air from the broody hate everything before I see
    it standard that we have on the internet.

  • jon29

    I sometimes listen to the Nerdist podcast. There
    are usually great guests, but his interview style can be
    frustrating, inasmuch as there is WAY too much Chris Hardwick telling
    stories about Chris Hardwick.

    And god help me if I hear him talk about how gosh darn hard acting is one more time...

  • erik nordstrom

    It's not a Q and A. It's not an interview. It is a conversation, which is a very 2 sided thing.

  • ZbornakSyndrome

    Thanks Joanna, I've had similar feelings about him, but you expressed them more eloquently than I ever have. Usually, I just change the channel.
    Chris Hardwick is the Seacrest of 'nerd' entertainment - he comments on everything. Want to talk Dr. Who? Hardwick hosts. Want to talk Breaking Bad? He's there. Walking Dead? You guessed it, Hardwick. Want to watch a version of The Soup that's just web videos? Hardwick.
    I suppose he's fine in moderation, but as a host, I don't really feel as though he adds anything. Talking Dead and Talking Bad are just endless segments of him slobbering over how awesome everything is. There's not insight, no discussion, just a lot of "DUDE! DUDE! IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!"

  • Bodhi

    I.... have mixed feeling about Hardwick & his Neridst empire. He was pretty awesome when he started out, but its hard to judge since there wasn't much to compare to. I really liked his enthusiasm when The Nerdist started out, but he has gotten increasingly more insufferable as his empire has grown. My husband really likes him & was very excited for his book, but ended up putting it down about half way through. He didn't say why, but I think he found him too preachy. I do credit him for helping my husband embrace his inner geek & for that I will be eternally grateful.

    I still listen to his podcast occasionally, but only when I care about the interviewee. Hardwick is definitely a small doses kind of guy as far as I'm concerned

  • asherlev1

    I dunno, I've had my share of Nerdist episodes that I've enjoyed. The podcast provides a unique platform for me to celebrate the pop culture that I adore. The show has had on British comedians and celebrities such as Jimmy Carr, Richard Ayoade and John Barrowman and I'm sorry, but I could never hate on someone who has bought out some entirely enjoyable hours of podcast listening during my commute....and actually, I can see the defensiveness on behalf of him tangibly radiating off my computer screen. I guess I am just SUPER appreciative of the space he provides for nerds to just...be. And I DO understand that his enthusiasm may be grating but I guess I personally can overlook it. [Also I should probably mention that I haven't seen Talking Bad or Talking Dead OR his Nerdist TV show, although I adore his interviews with Craig Ferguson. Maybe that's a reason why his apparent ubiquity has not annoyed me]....I will say that someone else noted that the earlier episodes were better and I think I am probably on board with that assessment.

  • Sarah Weissman

    How does he attempt to speak for our generation? I like -not love - the Nerdist, but because he gets these celebs to talk so informally.

  • BobbFrapples

    I used to listen to the podcast because I liked all of the shows he talked about, but I left because I got tired of all of the penis jokes. When your main style of humor is to talk about your penis, it gets old.

  • Strand

    Here I thought I was the only weird one for not liking Chris Hardwick, and that I would be stoned by my own kind for that sentiment. Everyone seems to love the guy and he's not a phony like Olivia Munn, but there's just something off about him. It's the fact that he runs a podcast called The Nerdist, wears the label on his sleeve, and seems awfully self-promoting.

    I don't know. If there was someone in the media who should represent my interests, I would like them to know more shit than I do. A weird antisocial neckbeard wouldn't translate well to Comic Con panels, but despite all the things Hardwick purports to love (pretty much everything relevant and even peripherally related to geekdom), he drops some real clunkers.

  • $6950553

    Weird article since when I listen to Hardwick I generally think of him as the male Joanna Robinson.

    Seriously though I think he's okay. I used to hate him when he did gadget reviews and I was trying to look up reviews for cameras on youtube and I'd get him mugging and saying stuff he didn't know anything about, but I've come to like his podcast.

    He's basically like the Dick Cavett of the nerd era. Not a voice of any generation but a useful conduit between Hollywood and a certain geek/nerd outlook which has risen in prominence.

    He's a pretty good interviewer when it comes to getting people to open up and in terms of hard work and preparation.

  • erik nordstrom

    If you listen to his interview with Joseph Gordon-Levitt he gets him to open up about his brother in such an awesome way. I think it is a good example of what you were talking about.

  • Three_nineteen

    A lot of it is probably the access. Hardwick is really good friends with Wil Wheaton and is part of that nerd/comedy subculture in LA. When nerd/comedy podcasts started to get big, TV execs wanted to cash in. Hardwick is nice look at, had hosted TV shows before, and knows a lot of the people they wanted to exploit, so they knew he could get semi-recognizable guests on. Boom, a star is born.

  • John G.

    I just finally caved and started listening to Nerdist, and you're absolutely right, Joanna. Matt Mira is the soul of that show. Hardwick is a nice guy, but....

    anyway, are we starting to flirt with a podcast review segment on the Pajiba network?

    Doug Loves Movies?
    How did this get made?
    Op Kino?
    A Cast of Kings?

  • 15 years ago, how many people would have pegged Hardwick as the Singled Out star destined for greatness?

  • AudioSuede

    I adored The Nerdist for the first hundred or so episodes. Seriously, it started out as an excuse for Chris Hardwick and his friends to just hang around and riff about shit. And it's still like that, sometimes, and when it is, the show is golden. But when it came to taking on serious interviews or really big guests, it's always been hard for me to really enjoy it. Though I still love Chris Hardwick, and I actually look forward to his new show because I like the BBC series a lot, I can totally understand why people don't like him or get overwhelmed by him.

    That said, the Craig Ferguson live episode of that podcast is still one of my favorite things I've ever listened to.

  • asherlev1

    This is a pretty good critique of the podcast. The earlier episodes were FABULOUS.

  • Giroux IA

    I'll never forget his role in bringing us the plague on humanity that is Jenny McCarthy.

  • bastich

    Well yeah, but she was a perky plague in tight clothing who did Playboy.

  • Anthony Hoffman

    This fucking article wins. It's like you've eloquently articulated all of my thoughts on this guy. Seems nice enough. Likes things I like. Annoying as fuck and not particularly funny. Just bland. And the whole I love everything and won't be snarky thing is just...fuck off with that.

  • jettcity

    I'm a baby boomer. Someone tell me who the voice of my generation is so I can be mad at them.

  • Jon Stewart.

  • DeltaJuliet

    Isn't it Cronkite, or someone like that? ;)

  • solafidex

    I prefer the Diet Rite version of Chris Hardwick, Brett Erlich - the secret ingredient is snark!

  • How dare he like things and make a living at it!

  • Tinkerville

    This basically summed up my feeling on the subject exactly.

  • Modernlove

    I don't think that Chris has ever tried to be the voice of our generation. I'm a huge Nerdist podcast fan, and as I don't watch Walking Dead/Breaking Bad, I won't speak to either of his follow up shows there. I think he's this huge, hilarious (have you seen him live? It's pretty great), sweet nerd who just wants to share his love of everything. I was listening to the new Tom Hanks podcast and he summed it up perfectly. It's not an interview, it's a conversation. It's a few people just talking about whatever for an hour, that's the point. That's what I love because while it may not be a traditional interview, I always end up feeling like I've learned something about the guest and see them as more human, more real. I'm pretty excited to see @midnight for just that reason.

  • Stephen Kyp Pilalas

    Man's just doing what he loves and getting paid for it. I won't begrudge anyone who's doing that.

  • Mrs. Julien

    Such as hitmen?

  • llp

    Some of them bring a lot of passion and focus to their craft, y'know.

  • Stephen Kyp Pilalas

    I would NEVER begrudge a hitman... and you shouldn't either... dudes are scary.

  • Marc Greene

    I'm fine with Hardwick on the Nerdist (podcast and BBC show), but I find his cohosts horribly irritating. I don't know that Hardwick can be blamed for the light tone of the two Talking shows he does. I'd guess AMC doesn't really want something critical or hard hitting right after their cash cows. If I want in depth reviewing, I listen to the Ones Who Knock or Cast of Kings(no matter how many times David Chen makes me want to pull my hair out).

  • cgthegeek

    Who elected Chris Hardwick as the voice of your generation? The same people who elected Lena Dunham the voice of her generation.

  • Skyler Durden

    Chris Hardwick is nearly old enough to be Lena Dunham's father.So no.

  • cgthegeek

    So.. publicists don't have clients of varying ages? Ok.

  • DeltaJuliet

    But he still acts like he's barely 20.

  • Maddy

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who tried with the Nerdist podcast. I don't know why but I just can't even though I feel like it's something I should like.

  • Batman

    I thought Kanye West was the voice of our generation?

  • ZbornakSyndrome

    No no no. Kanye is the voice of god, he's too good for our generation.

  • wonkeythemonkey

    I'm a member of the Pepsi generation. Who speaks for us?

  • bastich

    Britney Spears, Beyonce, and Pink wearing gladiator outfits.
    (Last time I checked, anyway....)

  • Al Borland's Beard

    He kind of looks like Charlie Day without all the paint huffing.

  • Scorptilicus

    I know it's tongue in cheek, but can we stop it with the "voice of their generation" thing? There are a lot of voices of generations. Our generation has many voices, and some we'll feel will represent us,and others won't. And yeah, grating as he may be, Hardwick is one of them. He speaks for some of us. Some of us like him, relate to him, nod in agreement with his ideas and shtick. He's one of many representing some part of our massive population of roughly close age. But he's not THE one.

  • Enrique del Castillo

    This is a joke post right? I mean, no one can admit to having an ear-crush on Matt Mira seriously, I like him more than Jonah, but that's like saying that pizza with a footprint is better than pizza with an actual shoe on top.

    Anyway, I guess Hardwick elected himself by sheer force of will? I get that people get annoyed by his overenthusiasm and lack of criticism, but most people forget that this is the guy from that awful 90s MTV show. He could have been forgotten like many other 90s/MTV stars, but he made his own place and created his own new image. I mean, the guy has interviewed Tom Hanks, twice in about 12 months. Five years ago no one had heard about him, now he has/had three shows, you gotta admit that's something.

    Also, I don't go for average comedians for indepth interviews, I leave that for actual interviewers, I go to them for silly banter like making GRRM talk about using DOS for his writing or making jokes with Neko Case.

    Anyway, I prefer an overenthusiastic and non critical guy in his 40s than Kevin Smith or Harry Knowles.

    (I can't believe I'm actually defending this annoying guy)

  • Sara_Tonin00

    I just know your pizza comment is going to circulate through my head today and make me laugh at random times.

  • APOCooter

    I can think of people a whole lot worse to be the voice of my generation.

    Like, say, Leah Dunham.

  • APOCooter

    Oh Lena Dunham. Who the fuck cares.

  • AudioSuede

    I sometimes like to post comments agreeing with my own comments.

  • AudioSuede

    Yeah, you tell him!

  • Mrs. Julien


  • Mrs. Julien


  • wonkeythemonkey

    Finally, Mrs. Julien says what we're all thinking.

  • wonkeythemonkey

    I totally agree.

  • Mrs. Julien

    I'm here to help.

  • Mrs. Julien

    You generally do so in a satisfactory fashion.

  • Laura Darch

    I feel the same way about Seacrest. Except, you know, the geek thing. But I understand what you are getting at - he is more chic geek than nerd geek. It's not a bad thing to be this - but I do want to see some credentials other than "Singled Out" (I am very, very sorry - I can't unlive the Mtv 90s...)

  • ZbornakSyndrome

    I just wrote the same thing about Seacrest.

    I loved Singled Out, because teenagers often love stupid, horrible shows, but I'm just tired of him hosting things and offering absolutely no insight. He asks no probing questions, he just...squeals about how awesome everything is (excuse me, that should be #awesome #WhatWouldWalkersDo #OMGWalt).

  • Enrique del Castillo

    Was Singled Out so important in the 90s? I was a kid and living in South America, so I always thinks it's kind of weird when that show is mentioned as if it was as major as The Real World.

  • Modiano

    I don't remember anything that happened on Singled Out, but I remember I watched a lot of it.

  • DeltaJuliet

    I remember a lot of Jenny McCarthy farting and sticking her tongue out and me thinking "shit, that's what guys like?"

  • apricot ashtray

    I don't know every time I see him I always think of him and Jenny McCarthy running around on Singled Out. Maybe they should have Kurt Loder host the after the show segments he always seemed more legit anyways.

  • Joel Murphy

    I stopped listening to The Nerdist when I realized that I was getting nothing out of the interviews. The breaking point was George R.R. Martin. He's a guy whose books I love and I don't know much about him, so I was excited to hear an hour-long interview. But at the end of it, Hardwick hadn't asked a single interesting question and I hadn't learned a single interesting thing about this man.

    All of his interviews are like that. And that's a problem, considering his career is built around interviewing people.

  • erik nordstrom

    "And that's a problem, considering his career is built around interviewing people." It may still be a problem, but his career is not at all based on interviewing people. At least not on the podcast. He has been very clear on the point that it is a conversation. I'm sure he hopes you will get something from it, but he usually let's it flow a bit. He doesn't direct questions like an interviewer would. He isn't trying to get specific answers in most cases. This varies of course. I'm sure there are examples of more classic interview style episodes. He has always said though that it is more a conversation than a Q and A.

  • They're not interviews, though. It's a discussion. Honestly, I'd rather listen to a discussion than an interview while I'm working. Little chance that I've zoned out during the question and then miss the entire premise of the next 1 to 5 minutes of discussion.

  • Keh_Squared

    I agree. I started listening to The Nerdist because he has awesome guests, and I had to stop.

    Because you're right, he doesn't ask interesting questions. And he doesn't seem to care about the answers to the questions he does ask because he interrupts or talks over his guests constantly.

  • kilmo

    Weird. I'm listening for the rapport between Hardwick/Mira/Ray and the guest. The podcast isn't a Vanity Fair/Esquire/GQ indepth interview.
    You should check out You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes, if you want a crazy 3 hour indepth interview and learn about their childhood/god/sex etc.

  • Boothy K

    Kevin Pollack's Chat Show is well researched, generally intelligent conversations with interesting people too...

  • Aidan Harr

    You Made It Weird is great, but WTF w/ Marc Maron is the king of all interview-based podcasting.

  • AudioSuede

    It would be if Marc Maron weren't a total unlistenable dickbag who does no research about his guests.

    I'm sorry, I really really don't like that show.

  • Xander

    I have never heard of this person in my life

  • Sara_Tonin00

    I only just heard of him last night, when I saw an ad for his upcoming show on Comedy Central. But I merely "watch" tv, I don't fangirl them.

  • Modiano

    I get it. I do. However, does Chris Hardwick claim to speak for you (or me) or is he a smart, talented person who has been lucky enough to build a successful career doing something he loves? Smart networks are using that and I find myself unable to complain too much. I like the new trend of post-show commentary and I'm fine with Chris (though I do get where you are coming from). That said, I would LOVE to see Paul Scheer host one of these post-tv show commentary thingies.

  • Also, he's not funny. Other than seeming to be nice I have no idea why he keeps getting these shows.

  • apricot ashtray

    Also see Ryan Seacrest.

  • kilmo

    Ahhh, I love Chris Hardwick. I'm living in S. Korea now and I just did a binge listen of 3 years of Nerdist podcasts in 3 months. His enthusiasm is infectious and I can completely understand how his mannerisms could be grating/annoying.

    I can't listen to You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes anymore because of his laugh. Also did a binge listen with him too.

    It really seems like a love/hate thing with him, no in between.

    Also if you love Matt Mira, I recommend listening to his James Bonding podcast.

  • Remember when Pajiba had biting, clever commentary and reviews? WTF happened?

  • ZbornakSyndrome

    They hired Chris Hadwick to content edit. ;)

  • Yeah, I do I remember that. I call it "yesterday."

    Not to fight someone else's battle, but you realize think pieces take time, right? Unique perspectives, in-depth analysis, forward-thinking commentary -- those aren't usually on-demand essays crafted in an afternoon. Furthermore, not everything has a HOT TAKE! Sometimes posts like these let the writer blow off a little creative steam between longer pieces. If there's somewhere else you feel does it better, feel free to visit. Because this is America, the greatest country in the universe, and our founding fathers died facedown in the muck for your right to enjoy your choice of website.


  • A shitty article with shitty writing is still shitty. And overall, for a site i used to adore and visit daily, I now find to be lazy and uninteresting.

    But I do find it funny that you like a site built on snarky criticism whose tagline used to be "Scathing Reviews for Bitchy People", but if IT is snarkily critiqued you (and a few others) get your panties in a "this is America!" twist. But whatever.

  • ohlawdy


  • **I AM** NotTheOne

    You are not supposed to point out that you believe that Miley Cyrus or Katy Perry suck. Because they are women and we have to support all women in whatever they do regardless of whether it is any good because...sisterhood.

  • Swift

    Feels a little mean to write an article to say "I don't like you, guy, you should stop getting work"

    I find some of his stuff hit and miss, I thought he was ill-suited to Talking Bad but that could be a combination of previously being spoiled by the excellent Breaking Bad Insider and The Ones Who Knock podcast, and it being a show put on by AMC so of course they are going to want somebody to gush over it.

    Also, you know who speaks for me? Me. You know who doesn't speak for me? Everyone else, regardless of our shared interests, location, gender, race, proclivities, etc.

  • They've always done the "I don't like you, guy, you should stop getting work" pieces, but they used to have some layers to them. Beneath the bitchiness and snarky hyperbole, there used to seem to be an intellectual fortitude that now seems lacking. Maybe this has become just another site that now solely exists to post provocative headlines just to get eyes on the page for ad revenue. Maybe I'm wrong....regardless I think it's going to drop out of my must read sites. A shame as back in 2005-2007 it was often the first thing I would go to in the morning.

  • Swift

    Removed for only being slightly more eloquent than a monkey with a typewriter

  • Yossarian

    Because talking about things we don't like and why we don't like them is an important part of engaging critically with media and culture. Which is one of the things Pajiba is trying to do here (The other being announce trade news, for example a new late night show being developed for Comedy Central which is what this post was actually doing, it was just buried under context-supplying subjective criticism)

    Can we boil everything down to "this guy has a show. I do(n't) like him/it"? Sure. And maybe they could assign a number of stars to everything they see so we don't even have to read full sentences at all.

    But then we miss things like this: "But Hardwick’s brand of over-the-top enthusiasm without critical engagement? Oh man, it drives me bonkers." which is a great observation that really nails what it is about Hardwick that makes him so unsatisfying even though he checks off all the right boxes and Netflix or Amazon would probably recommend him to me. There's some soul missing, some snark, something that let's me know I can trust him when he really likes something because he's willing to call out things that fall short.

    And that's the thing. There is a noticeable difference between thoughtful criticism/commentary and the thoughtless trolling drive-by "Pajiba sucks now" comment that started this thread, or your possibly well-intentioned but ultimately fumbling and reductive attempt at adding perspective.

    Criticism actually can be constructive. Negativity and snark actually can serve a purpose. The world in general and the internet in particular are overwhelmingly cynical and sometimes it seems like we can't genuinely, earnestly have nice things without someone coming by to shit all over how shitty they are (with 10 whole words and an initialism). But maybe the opposite, the relentless hyperpositivity of Chris Hardwick, is also unsatisfying. What can we do?

    If only there were a place that offered up biting, clever commentary and reviews. Oh well. We may not have nice things but at least we have ginjaninjaavenja to keep shit real and tell us we don't have nice things.

  • Except this article is NOT thoughtful or constructive. Nor are must of the pieces I read here now. But thanks for explaining the concept of critique to me.

    And as far as calling me a drive by troll: eat a bag of dicks. There. THAT was drive by trolling.

    Learn to argue your points without ad hominem attacks, buddy.

    Again, it very funny that people who seem to love a site whose entire premise was "bitchy reviews" get butthurt when said site is the target of a bitchy review.

  • Giroux IA

    As opposed to reading them?

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