Which of these 17 Films Are You Most Likely to See Based Only on the Movie Posters?

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Which of these 17 Films Are You Most Likely to See Based Only on the Movie Posters?

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | July 5, 2012 | Comments ()




Sleepwalk With Me Poster_1.jpeg
















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  • casineraindc

    Smurfs 2????? oh Hollywood... thankfully I didn't allow my kids to watch the 1st one.

  • Justin Kuhn

    Um, "Ride Like Hell" is actually the tagline, the title is "Premium Rush"...putting "hell" in the title makes it less marketable even if it's a better title. I've been looking forward to this movie for a while.

  • floraisadora

    The Awakening was horribly disappointing. I can't believe I was looking forward to it.

  • Hiro_the_Eighth_Samurai

    If I had to choose just one, it would be Dredd. After that, The Campaign and Alex Cross piqued my interest. The Awakening is a possible.

  • wickedwhisper

    is Ride Like Hell the long awaited sequel to Quicksilver?

  • Looper, easily.

  • Jim

    We saw Sleepwalk with Me live in NYC a couple of years ago - a funny enough evening but can't see how a film would be an improvement. (Sorry, Birbie-philes)

    I'll go to every Res Evil until they stop making them or it happens in real life.

    "Based on a true story" is the kiss of freaking death and isn't The Smurphs 2 some sort of threat?

  • Colleeeeeeeen

    Looper is the only one I am interested in but that has nothing to do with the poster. Perhaps the Sleepwalk one looks vaguely intriguing but I wouldn't rush to it.

  • Ugh. None at all.

    The Judge Dredd poster just makes me want a flashlight.

  • csb

    Could there be any significance to way the way the Taken 2 poster has lit up Neeson's nose?

    Just going by the posters, Hidden in the Woods is intriguing me because it looks a lot like Cabin in the Woods - but I'm sure that entirely coincidental.

    Dredd is giving me a tingly feeling though, I can't wait for more info to come about this one.

  • Rocabarra

    Sorry what did you say? I couldn't hear you over the deafening sound of Liam Neeson's immense sexiness.

  • David Sorenson

    I thought about making a joke about Katy Perry's breasts and the title of her movie, but I'm not that lazy. Yet.

    Honestly I'm going to see Birbig's movie. I didn't know it was being made into a movie, and just seeing the poster made my day.

  • Dave Dorris

    Based on the posters? Resident evil, 'cause Milla's the shit. The rest of them kind of suck. I kind of like the Alex Cross one, but they had to go and put Tyler Perry's name and face on it. That's unfair, I know, But Rachel Nichols would have been prettier. And JGL looks like he's wearing a butt-plug.

  • DominaNefret

    Katy Perry: Part of Me and The Smurfts 2!

    And by that I mean Sleep Walk With Me and Paddington.

    I had a big Paddington Bear when I was little. One day we were going somewhere and he was in the back of our minivan. Apparently my mom didn't close the back all of the way, because the door came open and Paddington flew out. Knowing how important he was, she pulled over right away and my entire family searched for him. He was gone. I cried and cried and didn't forgive my mom for a long time.
    And from that day forward, I made sure to buckle my stuffed animals in whenever they came in the car with me. That was NOT happening again.

  • TheOriginalMRod

    Paddington is the most visually pleasing. And probably whatever the hell the movie with Bradley Cooper and Zoe Salanda they are also visually pleasing.

  • Pinky McLadybits

    RESIDENT EVIL RETRIBUTION!! WHEEEE! Is it because I just watched ALL of the previous Resident Evil movies and, according to TK, got a lot dumber as a result? TACO PANCAKE FRONTLINE COFFEECAKE!

  • Green Lantern


  • laylaness

    Taken 2: It's Already Been Tooken, because Liam Neeson. Excuse me, I just need a moment.

  • Ballymena Bob


  • John Staley

    Second that!

  • Paddington! Hands down, the only one I'd see.

  • Lindzgrl

    Wait...the tagline is "Every moment of your life they stand watch" and the name of the movie is End of Watch. WHICH IS IT!?!?

  • Romeo Cranberry

    "don't ever cross alex cross"

    i refuse to see this movie based on nothing more than that stupid fucking tag line.

    correction: there are many reasons i refuse to see "alex cross" (i'm looking at you, guy who's not idris elba) but jesus christ is that tag line really the best they could come up with?

  • googergieger

    Yeah I like Birbigs enough to see his flick. Kind of it as far as these movies go.

    Oh and I think "Don't ever cross Alex cross", is officially the worst tag line ever. Oh well Jaws:The Revenge. You had a great run with your, "This time it's personal" tagline.

  • OldSchool60

    Based solely on the poster...'Hidden in the Woods'

    That looks f*cked up [in a good way].

  • Orleanas

    The Awakening – Seems mysterious and

    Dredd – Simple with a hint of mystery and

    Taken 2 – Simple in design, highlights
    the kickass, sexy nature of Neeson in this franchise

    Looper – Layered and clean with a
    maze-like quality. Actors are not featured to sell the film, which makes me
    think it’s already of quality.

    Paddington – Again, not too much fluff

    All others have too much going on. Too distracting or

    The Words: Very cliché. I’m assuming it’s
    about some crossed conflict. It doesn’t help that the poster fully highlights actors
    I seriously dislike (revile is too strong though that’s what first came to
    mind). Cooper evokes douche-like qualities and Saldana…I don’t know why she
    keeps getting employed as an actress.

  • Sam

    Only one of those posters features JGL, that gets my vote. Oh its him as a bike messenger? Fuck that noise.
    I like all the words on the Easy Money poster, but there are too many of them. It's Luke they're trying too hard to convince me its good.

  • Aeryn

    Paddington! Taken 2 and Alex Cross

  • Jezzer

    "Taken 2: They Done Tooked It Again."

    I already wanted to see "The Awakening" from the trailer, so there's that. I'm somewhat intrigued by "The Campaign," despite my Will Ferrell Fatigue. I usually like him when he's not the complete focus of a movie, so this might be decent.

  • annie

    Based on posters alone, probably The Awakening (which I've already seen and unsurprisingly, found Rebecca Hall to be fab) and Dredd.

  • Samantha Klein

    The JGL movies. And not solely because they star JGL, either.

  • Guest

    Taken 2: The Takening!

    Really, this is how they should be marketing it:


  • JRD

    The Sleepwalk With Me poster is awful, but I saw the movie at the Boston IFF, and it was HILARIOUS.

  • BierceAmbrose

    You mean watch on purpose, vs. what's poured into my eyeballs by the panopticon on the wall? There's choice here? Who knew? Um ...

    2 Days in New York, because I've been intrigued by Julie Delpy since The Three Musketeers, even though she was seriously upstaged by Oliver Platt's joyous batshit Porthos, Rebecca De Mornay's bondage-chesticles and Tim Curry playing the Evil Queen. (Why is there not more love for that movie, not least because they all upstaged angsty-Keifer.)

    Alice in Wasteland, because, Alice, duh.

    Taken 2 because badass Aslan kicking ass is the best Aslan. I have a very specific set of skills - Roooooaaaaaaarrrrrrrr!

    Oh, that's based on things I know. Um ...

    Based on the posters alone I'll got to see Part of Me, because I'm a fan of Katy Perry's parts. (Now if we could just get her to stop singing.)

  • Kim

    Anyone else briefly think that Jake Gyllenhaal looks a little like Obama in that pic? I had to do a double take...

  • lowercase_ryan

    Campaign - Cause I like to drink
    Sleepwalk with me - cause I love TAL
    Looper - cause I love awesome
    2 days in NY - cause I like Julie Delpy
    Dredd - Cause I like violence with my awesome
    Taken 2 - " " " " " " "
    Easy Money - Cause I love Joel Kinnaman
    Premium Rush - Cause I love bikes and JGL doesn't do stupid shit. Even though he rides a hipster ass fixed gear in the movie which I loathe but forgive him for.

  • Bert_McGurt

    It's method cycling.

  • pt783

    Alex Cross, Looper, and Dredd. If they would have added more boobage on Katie Perry's poster, I still wouldnt watch it, but I would have definitely liked the poster better... Taken 2 and Resident Evil wins just because their predecessors were good, so no matter how their posters were they still win!

  • Tas

    End of Watch and Looper.
    The rest only on a long flight. With jet lag. And when I've already watched Yogi Bear. Twice

  • Erin S

    The Awakening had me at "twisty." If a 9-year-old film reviewer loved it, I bet I will too.

  • I wouldn't want to watch a Resident Evil sequel, but Alice in Wasteland looks fun! It makes me wonder if the tagline or any text on a poster is bigger than the title, doesn't that show the title isn't very good as far as the poster-designer is concerned?

  • Mrcreosote

    Smurfs 2? SMURFS 2!!!!! If NPH shows up in that one, he's going to the David Cross hall of beach house shame.

  • TherecanbeonlyoneAdmin

    The Campaign, Looper, Dredd, Taken 2, Easy Money and Resident Evil.

  • Javier

    The Campaign - two funny guys = one (hopefully) funny film

    Sleepwak With Me - Maybe on a rainy saturday afternoon

    Alex Cross - Less maybe on a sunny afternoon

    Looper, Dredd, Taken 2 - without a doubt

    End of watch - maybe on a sunday evening

    the rest - most of them no, some maybe if I catch them on tv

  • Stephen Nein

    The Campaign.

    Yes, I'm a sick, sick bastard.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    I heart Birbiglia, so even though it's a terrible poster, Sleepwalk With Me (which I was sad to miss when it was a live show).

    Most exciting posters to me are The Campaign and Looper

    Couldn't Katy Perry even have her roots touched up for her poster? Her hair just looks nasty.

    And JGL looks like a mini Elliot Stabler in his bike messenger thriller. (is that even a film that should exist?)

  • Al Link

    The Campaign, Hit and Run, Easy Money

  • Looper and Hit and Run. I will definitely watch the trailer of Hidden In The Woods hoping it's all B movie goodness.

  • Stevo

    Dredd, Looper, and of course Katy Perry

  • BWeaves

    None of the above.

  • JenVegas

    Ditto. All of these posters are booooring.

  • llp


  • zeke_the_pig

    Before I scrolled down to the bit with the name I thought that was a poster for Don't Look Now.
    And that's a mash-up that I'd watch.

  • Jenne Frisby

    I know! I love that book so much. Whenever I've had a very bad, no-good day I will bring it out, make myself some spaghetti-o's and ginger-ale, and read the whole thing. It never fails to cure.

  • poguemahone

    Ride Like Hell looks like a movie time-capsuled in 1995, then released in the modern day with Joseph Gordon-Levitt's mug digitally imposed over Keanu Reeves' face. I'm assuming it's directed by Joel Schumacher.

    But to answer your question: Taken 2, End of Watch, and the Mike Birbiglia movie. Easy Money on the Netflix, maybe.

  • lowercase_ryan

    I liked it when it was called Quicksilver

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