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By Miscellaneous | Trade News | June 7, 2010 |

It could be an interesting concept for an action flick, but I can't imagine audiences flocking to "Taskmaster" based on the name alone.

The second one he mentioned is a little more interesting, and I know there have been debates about it around here- "Preacher", the tale of a former Southern preacher who gets "The Word" of the Lord, allowing him tell anyone what to do. If he tells you to go fuck yourself... well, hilarity ensues.

It's crude, juvenile, and I thought it was great when I read it a few years back.

So, is Joe Carnahan the guy for the job? He did Smokin' Aces and the A-Team, so he can do action. But his style seems too slick for a project like this. Preacher was about the Dirty South, and you felt it in everything.

One encouraging thing I heard is that he wants to include the morbidly obese Allfather, so we'll probably get the inbred, mentally challenged offspring of Jesus Christ too. Did I mention it's a really weird book?

There's no confirmed script yet, but talk of a "Preacher" adaptation has been around for a while now. Sam Mendes was even attached and I can't imagine how that would turn out.

At least Carnahan seems to know his stuff and hey, maybe he can get Ben Affleck again. Somebody's got to play Arseface.

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