Where the Power Armor? Sharlto Copley Heads to Space in Europa Teasers

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Where the Power Armor? Sharlto Copley Heads to Space in Europa Teasers

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trade News | November 13, 2012 | Comments ()


Ah the moons of Jupiter, glimpsed by Galileo, dreamed of by about every other sci-fi author for the last century. Plus Sean Connery reenacted High Noon there, though sadly he didn't wear his outfit from Zardoz.

Now Sharlto Copley of District 9 fame (The A-Team didn't happen, we're agreed on that, right?) is headed to Europa in a new sci-fi film called The Europa Report. Here's the teaser, which does little to tease unless you're really into realistic slow motion space landings. Rule 34 may apply here.

There's also the world's worst viral video. It's fifteen minutes long. And by the time I started skipping forward, nothing happened. And nothing happened at point I skipped to and started watching. What I'm saying is that they may need some lessons on what "viral" means. It means something that has a quality such that someone passes it on like a virus.

I heard "Sharlto Copley" and "science fiction" and immediately went to a happy place of aliens, and spacecraft, and power armor. That may be a personal failing. But Wikus, we'll always have that time we stalked Charlize Theron:

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