We're Going Full Ouroboros: "Friday Night Lights" Movie Script Done
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We're Going Full Ouroboros: "Friday Night Lights" Movie Script Done

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trade News | August 19, 2013 | Comments ()


Let’s just make sure we have it all straight. In the beginning there was football. Then there was a book called “Friday Night Lights”. Then there was a movie called Friday Night Lights. Then there was a television show called “Friday Night Lights”. And now there is a finished script for a movie adaptation of that television series which was based on a previous movie adaptation and a book. The only thing missing is slash fiction in which Billy Bob Thornton’s coach and Kyle Chandler’s coach cross universes and fall in love. There’s an entire library of slash fiction here though in case you want to feel really really weird.

So in any case, the news is that Connie Britton told Ladies’ Home Journal that she had a copy of the script. Which just goes to show you that while fabled newspapers rise and fall, it is the Ladies’ Home Journal that is the bedrock of journalism in this country. Said Mrs. Coach: “I have the script for a potential movie spin-off of ‘FNL.’ I think it’s just a matter of finding a time when everyone can do it.”

Ladies’ Home Journal did not ask any details about the script, because presumably they were moving on to recipes about scones and the killer knitting techniques of 2013, which is what I assume is in that magazine.

So get excited!

But then come back down since series producer David Hudgins said a little bit ago that: “I will say that we can dream the dream; there have been talks about making a movie of the series. The producers, Pete and his partners are very passionate about it. I don’t think there’s any plans for it to move forward right now. But you never say never.”

Alas, methinks someone was just trying to impress the stonefaced interviewers of Ladies’ Home Journal. We’ve all been there.

(source: HuffPo)

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Comments Are Welcome, Bigots and Trolls Are Not

  • e jerry powell

    I can declare that I WOULD RATHER NOT. Just the location scouts for the original film were disruptive enough in my life.

  • dizzylucy

    I loved the show so much and it ended so beautifully, I'm quite OK with no movie. But if they make it, I will watch it.
    Short of an amusement park theme ride, they've gotten a lot of mileage out of that book.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    I haven't watched any - ANY - FNL. I just clicked because I love any mention of Ouroboros.

  • See, I just tend to misread that as Ourobros...which is when frat brothers eat their own tail. Which I think is also the next installment of the Human Centipede franchise.

  • George Tarleton

    Please refrain from any further disparagement of Ladies' Home Journal, sir. Unless you are interested in fisticuffs. It is a fine periodical with only the highest quality content, and it pains me to see it so casually besmirched.

    Good day to you.

  • Wednesday

    I completely concur. What other news establishment is addressing the burning concerns of our time? Do you see 60 Minutes tackling hard-hitting topics like "Make These Fashion-Forward Throw Pillows Yourself (And For Less Than You Think!)" or the Washington Post break any barriers of secrecy over "The Top Ten Doctor-Recommended Smoothie Secrets"? I think not.

    Responsible journalism has been burned at the altars of a 24-hour news cycle and self-aggrandizing blogs. Thank heavens we can still turn to LHM for a source of information we can trust.

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