Wednesday SciFi Roundup: Ronald Moore, Richard Matheson, and Independence Day
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Wednesday SciFi Roundup: Ronald Moore, Richard Matheson, and Independence Day

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trade News | June 26, 2013 | Comments ()


I write sci-fi roundups when there just isn't much trade news floating around worth dedicating an entire post to. Well that's why I write roundups in general. I specifically write sci-fi ones because I'm hopelessly biased and the words "in space" make every story better. Strangely, statistically speaking I am most likely to write such things on Wednesdays. I blame sunspots.

First up this fine day, we'll start with the least impressive news. We have further details on the exhausting fact that Independence Day 2 will be going forward. Will Smith will not be returning, though Roland Emmerich has gone on at length with the hope that Smith will at least do a cameo. Want him involved? Offer Jaden the lead role. It's not like he'd really make this inevitable atrocity of art noticeably worse. But good news, Bill Pullman and Jeff Goldblum are on board. The film is tentatively scheduled for a fourth of July release in 2015, but that will likely move as movie dates that far out are essentially fictional anyway.

Next we have better news. Ron Moore and his luxurious mane will be heading back to television in the showrunner's chair. It's like the Iron Throne except it's composed entirely of pilot scripts of cancelled shows. The series is "Outlander", and it's based on a series of books by Diana Gabaldon that perhaps some of the Cannonballers can fill us in on. A disposable executive described the books as "a fascinating tapestry of history, spirituality, love and honor, not to mention plenty of time travel, sex and warfare." So I'm reading "Doctor Who" crossed with "Game of Thrones" brought to us by the dude who gave us "Battlestar Galactica."

Of course it's airing on Starz, which people keep assuring me is a real channel, but just sounds like a seedy talent agency for children, so I guess I'll see it when it ends up on Netflix someday.

Finally, as we reported yesterday, Richard Matheson died, but in a nice move, the good folks over at Blastr collected together all 16 of the "Twilight Zone" episodes written by Matheson and assembled them embedded on a single page. Not bad for a company that can't spell their own genre right in their name.

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  • Sara_Tonin00

    Ha, these are my friend's tweets on Matheson:

    I will honor Richard Matheson the way most writers do: stealing his ideas, but changing them just enough to not get sued.

    — Justin Muschong (@JustinMuschong) June 25, 2013

    With that in mind, I am pleased to announce the upcoming projects THE SHIRKING MAN, A STRING OF ECHOES, and I AM LeGRAND.

    — Justin Muschong (@JustinMuschong) June 25, 2013

  • Sara_Tonin00

    Independence Day 2: We done been Independenced.

    "Welcome to Urff. AGAIN."

  • Phaedre

    I'm equally excited and scared about the Outlander news. I have thought for years that this is great book series to turn into a tv show and GOT has shown us that anything is possible.

    But like GOT this thing completely hinges on the right casting. Jamie and Claire are so iconic, the actors have to be able to sell it. I really, really hope that Moore can get this right.

    The results of Outlander done right, with the right Jamie could be very...satisfying.

  • Cazadora

    I do wonder how they are going to handle the, err, spanking that predominated in the first book.

  • Mrs. Julien

    You mean once, right? I remember it as once. Once is too much, hence the whole pulling a knife on him and making it clear it would not be happening again, but it was just the once and it was 1743.

  • Cazadora

    Now that I've re-read what I wrote, I'm wondering if it "predominated" in the book or if it was merely one instance that has since dominated my remembrance of the book. I just remember being a little shocked by it all.

  • This x1000. These are some of my favorite books. They're huge and intricate like GoT, but there are more of them and they're maybe a little easier to read.

  • Mrs. Julien

    I love them dearly, but, let's be honest, they can be a bit Perils of Pauline.

    Casting is key though. Absolutely key. Casting and chemistry.

  • Oh, absolutely. I didn't say they were great, I said they're some of my favorites. There is a difference. :)

  • NateMan

    If I recall correctly from when my ex-wife read the Outlander series, it was pretty much a dude goes back in time and there's a lot of gay sex. There was possibly a plot in there too, but that's what I got out of it.

  • ...and that's not even close.

  • Mrs. Julien

    To be fair, there was time travel and sex.

  • True.

  • Batesian

    On the main page, Shatner looks very excited about the gif used for the DOMA ruling.

  • BWeaves

    Oh crap. I could kill an entire day watching all those. Too bad I have to work.

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