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October 24, 2008 |

By Dustin Rowles | Industry | October 24, 2008 |

I knew absolutely nothing about Iron Man six months ago, and I wasn’t all that excited about it. Fortunately for me, Dan — who had originally been assigned that review — had a wedding that weekend, leaving me to cover the film. And, as is ancient history, it blew me away (though, I still disagree with Ted - it’s not quite The Dark Knight).

Here’s the point: While my default mode is skeptical when it comes to geek flicks, I’m willing to be won over. Hell, I was won over by V for Vendetta, and it’s still the only comic book I’ve ever read. Unfortunately, so far, I don’t get The Watchmen. I was wholly underwhelmed by the trailer, and though I am not familiar with any of the characters, I can’t help but think that half the actors have been miscast. There are certain actors who just don’t belong in comic-book movies, and Patrick Wilson, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Malin Ackerman, and Billy Crudup make up half that list (Carla Gugino, I can see). I’m not ruling out the possibility that the most anticipated geek movie of 2009 will be good, but if it’s going to be so great, why a March release date? Why not May or June?

Anyway, two more minutes of footage has been released, and based on it, my mind hasn’t changed. I’m even more skeptical. I mean, seriously? Malin Ackerman?

In other geek news, Vermillion, undoubtedly the geekiest of Pajiba geeks, sent me a trailer for Dragonball. I have no idea what Dragonball is, but based on the trailer, I’m thinking it’s probably based on a video game. And no offense, V, but I don’t think this is gonna break the video-game adaptation losing streak.

In more mainstream geek news, here’s a promo for Season Five of “Lost.” And after a invigorating, breathtaking Season Four, I don’t know how they keep the momentum up. But if this promo is any indication, they may very well have managed it.

Finally, just a geek-related site note. On Monday, arguably the coolest thing that has ever happened on Pajiba will take place. I won’t say anymore. But please do check back.

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Industry | October 24, 2008 |

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