Was Lindsay Lohan Supposed to Play Maria Hill in 'The Avengers'?

By Courtney Enlow | Trade News | April 4, 2014 | Comments ()


Hell no. But she sure thinks so.

On the latest episode of “As the Crack Turns,” Lindsay Lohan said she was offered a major role in The Avengers but her management team didn’t “push” hard enough so the role went to an “unknown.” As the female leads include Gwyneth Paltrow, Scarlett Johannsson and Cobie Smulders, the implication is that Maria Hill was the role originally slated for Lohan which a) no it wasn’t, b) BITCH DID YOU JUST SHADE ROBIN SPARKLES?

Climb aboard the murder train, y’all. No one shades Cobie Smulders on my watch.

Lohan went on to say, “If I don’t work in a film, he passes it to Vanessa Hudgens; [my manager] passes it one of his other clients. Every day I’m not on a film set, I’m wasting my talent because that’s what I was born, and live, to do.”

OK. Let’s be on the realz here. Because this has bothered me for years. Do people actually think Lindsay Lohan as an actress was so spectacularly talented that her descent is a true waste of artistic skill? I realize this her saying this about herself and she also wants to win an Oscar by 30, but other people seem to feel this way as well. She had a certain charm and effervescence but she wasn’t exactly going to steal awards from her peer group, even then. Am I missing something, or is exaggeration of her talent merely a pre-mortem eulogy?

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  • Okay, I saw CA: TWS this morning after just having read this, so I was actually trying to visualize LL in each of the female roles. CONCLUSION: Only in Lindsay's delusional, cracked-out wasted mind was she ever a contender, and frankly, even clean, even clean and ten years younger, NO. She was adorable once, I'll give you that, but she was a one-trick pony. I know the popular sentiment is to tsk-tsk over what a shame the wasted talent, but has crack actually robbed us of anything but, at most, decent rom-com career that ends with a Law & Order guest spot, a fitness video and perhaps some ASPCA ads?

  • Az

    Lohan's main issue is that she is an asshole. And there is no rehab for that.

  • ecwagner

    The IMDB says that Lindsey Lohan was actively campaigning to audition for the role of Wanda Maximoff/Scarlett Witch that went to Elizabeth Olsen.

  • lukebc

    I do have to say that for a woman that's in her mid-50s, linds looks pretty decent.

  • Zen

    Could we declare a moratorium on Lohan posts? This carnival grows tired.

  • Bryan

    Why oh why does anybody still believe a word that comes out of her mouth? She's known to be a narcissistic, delusional liar (and thief, and addict, but we're focusing on the lying for now.)
    The reaction the world should be having to this (as well as to that list of names the tabloids put out) should be no different than if some random dude off the street said he was in the running to play Iron Man: a roll of the eyes and someone telling him to sit down and shut up.
    Stop taking this idiot's words at face value. She has no credibility whatsoever. Every time you take her even the slightest bit seriously, she feels validated and continues. Maybe if people actually treated her (to her face) as the joke she is, she might actually learn her lesson and start fixing herself. But as long as we keep humoring her she'll never hit rock bottom and start the climb back up.

  • Ian Fay

    Incidentally, the lovely and talented Ms Smulders is pretty great in Captain America 2: Electric Boogaloo.

  • meadowdancer

    I cannot wait. Sunday cannot come fast enough!

  • Ian Fay

    I'm an avowed misanthrope and I was excited enough for this movie I went to the 8 PM Thursday show here in Boston.

    Even shelled out for the IMAX 3D, which was pretty great. The Falcon stuff especially is terrific in 3D.

    See it soon.

  • meadowdancer

    Thanks for the heads up on the 3D! I will spring for that if it really adds something to the movie. I am still mad I sprang for 3D for the Desolation of Smaug or as I like to call it Dwarves Gone Wild with a Solo Hobbit.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    Look, if she doesn't win a hot young Oscar by the time she's 30, she has to wait another 30 years for an old career comeback appreciation Oscar.

    Really, my only takeaway from this is that Elizabeth Taylor had the best clothes in her early films, with amazing cuts & necklines, and I'd like that dress that Lohan is wearing in the header pic.

  • I mean I love Mean Girls as much as anybody, and LiLo gave one (or two, really) of the best performances I've ever seen from a child actor in the Freaky Friday remake. But the sad thing about Lindsay is that she always had potential, and because of all her personal shit, she never fulfilled that potential. She never became as good as she maybe could have been, and maybe she still could be. But until she really gets her personal shit well and truly dealt with (and I don't think the Oprah show is helping), she's not going to get there. It's just sad.

  • Jumper5

    She still has time to redeem herself without people picking at her like a vulture because she not near perfection of a model human being. I believe she has her shit to together since leaving Cliifside, opening up about her issues and willing to let cameras in her life to see that she is trying to evolve from the tabloid perceptions of her that people here are believe at full value like the INTOUCH story. I am not Lindsay's PR, family member, friend, or herself. Just someone who sees people on message boards acting like moralist or psychologist who someone can diagnosis her without being in the same room with her let alone the same land mass. She is getting there, with or without your/everyone else eyes on her.

  • $99571230

    Celebrities who have their act together don't get reality tv shows.

  • Jumper5

    Boy!! All of the venom is still fresh for Lindsay at this point of the work day. The author and the rest of the commenters on this article seem to have forgotten that she got praised for her work for Prairie Home Companion and Bobby by well respected critics, including Roger Ebert and Peter Travelers, for pivotal roles in those films. She even got nominated for a SAG as apart of a ensemble cast for PCH. But as usual with blogs like this and the 24/7 gossip blog pit, people have revisionist history and focus on the salacious.

  • meadowdancer

    Jumper5 are you working for Lindsay or something? And how many years ago were any of those movies? Seriously? And once again look at what she has started doing. She starred in a Lifetime movie that most people hatewatched and started a popular drinking game to it. I mean come on now. She is not going to go down as the world's best actress and I definitely don't think even without the drugs and all she was ever going to be an A list actress like Carey Mulligan, Keira Knightely, Michelle Williams, Anna Kendrick, Kate Winslet, Meryl Streep, I can go on but I won't. She would have probably stayed around B/C list with the Jessica Biels/Jessica Albas and that's about it.

  • manting

    how the fuck did Anna Kendrick get on the A list with the others? She has how many starring film roles? Is it for her stellar work in the Twilight films? Her great job a the 10th lead in Scott Pilgrim vs the World? I just dont get the obsessive fandom for her on this site. SHE HAS DONE NOTHING. She doesnt deserve to carry Meryl Streep's adult diapers let alone be on a list with her.

  • F'mal DeHyde

    She's a bit more successful than you imply but I agree, the fawning love this site has for her is irritating. I sure as hell wouldn't rank her with any of those actresses, she's probably somewhere between Kiera Knightley and Jessica Alba.

  • manting

    Did you see her SNL - it was terrible. For someone who is so musically talented she is the worst rapper ive ever seen.

  • meadowdancer

    What Dutch said. She is freaking phenomenal and is a triple threat (which is rare these days).

  • Kendrick has been nominated for an Oscar, Golden Globe and a Tony. She's got 25-plus film credits on her resume. Her song Cups got as high as No. 6 in the Billboard Hot 100. But other than that, she hasn't accomplished much.

  • ecwagner

    I agree with you, Kendrick has really been slacking. Not taking time to develop a drug and alcohol/drug problem and developing irresponsible traits of not showing up for her roles once she gets them will really be her downfall. She better get her shit together fast.

  • Nothing gets you on the A List faster than a crippling and public substance abuse issue

  • manting

    nominated don't mean shit. Tons of actors are nominated. Brittney Spears had a slew of hit songs higher than number 6, does that mean she is really talented? How many lead roles had she had in movies? 2? 3? To put her up there with Meryl Streep is beyond ridiculous.

  • First of all Streep, being the most decorated actress of this or any generation, is beyond inclusion on any list. Your Spears analogy is off the mark. Kendrick charted a Top 10 pop song and she's an ACTRESS. Spears, a pop singer by trade, has tried her hand at movies and the only award nominations she earned were Razzies. Kendrick's film work may be thinner than some of the other women on the list, but most of them haven't done as much Broadway and off-Broadway work as she has. Award nominations carry a lot of weight in Hollywood and Kendrick has as many Oscar nominations as Mulligan and Knightley, two actresses you think are more accomplished.

  • manting

    "May be thinner," - really it "may be thinner." Her filmography is thinner than the book great British Chefs. Her staring roles are Rapture-Palooza, which is a terrible film that I think went straight to video. Pitch Perfect - didnt see it, and I think the only movie where she gets top billing. Up in the air - didnt see it. Drinking Budies - didnt see it. So four movies where she "starred" and one where she had top billing. That is not even one year of Keira Knightley or Winslets career. Until she has actually starred in and carried some movies that people actually see her career is not worth mentioning. Its like comparing Micheal B Jordan and Sydney Poitier. One has essentially done nothing and the other is one of the greatest actors of all time. Im not saying she is a bad actress, Im saying its way too early to say shes a great actress as you do.

    Also Carrey Mulligan doesnt belong on that list either. She has done like 5 movies and most of them were complete crap.

  • LaineyBobainey

    HEY! Leave Britney out of this!

  • Jumper5

    Yet Hollywood and her fans still wants her to succeed, despite the virtuous internet of pop proclaiming her to be the next Dana Plato or Corey Haim. I think that her talent and ability can fit in this industry with the right environment and opportunity, as along as Lindsay desire to strive for better. I mentioned that she work in comedy genre as a rebuild , since she has a sense of humor about her past transgressions. She work her way back by shrugging offer her tabloid personal and showing that she not be hold down by expectations by anyone that she must follow redemption by fire or be in gritty roles to reflect her personal struggles. Its what gossip spectators want to confirm their tall tales about her.
    She has at least to me an chance to rebound and be a strong supporting character, Parker Posey or Kim Catrall level of charisma, where build from there to being a lead again. It a matter of Lindsay learning and being patient.

  • meadowdancer

    Lol OK saying she has a Parker Posey and Kim Catrell level of charisma is damning her with faint praise.

  • Hi Lindsay. How's it going?

  • lukebc

    No it's Dina.

  • Jumper5

    Not Dina gumshoe.

  • Bert_McGurt

    Maybe she's just referencing a misheard sarcastic comment from her agent telling her she'd been offered a "major role - on A BENDER". That's MUCH more believable.

  • cruzzercruz

    She's not even good in her "good" movies. She didn't make Mean Girls great, the script did. Any other teeny bopper who was popular at the time could've handled that role. Her opinion of her abilities is way too high, given that she's never produced anything but generic to awful movies, sans the one that could've been fine without her.

  • Jumper5

    So Mean Girls would have been great without her because she just a nuisance? Let just include The Parent Trap as well, since we know with "hindsight" that Lindsay showed no signs of portraying actual human being.

  • VonnegutSlut

    I wonder if she truly, sincerely doesn't realize that she's shit in her metaphorical mess kit so badly that ANYONE will ever be able to see her in anything and think of her as that character NOT as "Lindsay Lohan."

    (And she probably shit in some actual mess kits, too--like Fredo said, cocaine's a hell of a drug.)

  • Jumper5

    And why she is in this state you suggest but still gets chances from Hollywood? If she was crap then people would have shun her years ago from any project. She has indie film in the works and getting tv roles, so its a matter of her rebuilding her brand and with the docu-series showing she's human and not a tabloid/gossip blog monster people willing to believe on the net.

  • TK


    [claps with childish glee]

    I've missed you, buddy.

  • VonnegutSlut

    Google Alerts are alive and well in the office of Lohan's publicist.

  • meadowdancer

    Dear Jumper5 no.

    Did you read about her behavior on the set of 2 broke girls? Did you hear about how awful she acted when she appeared on Ugly Betty? I mean seriously she has been shunned. She got told off for being unprofessional on Georgia Rule, she didn't even show up without drama when she did whatever that movie that was released last year. No one is breaking down her door to get her to star in A list movie productions. I for one 100 percent do not believe she was invited to star in the Avengers as Maria Hill. Come on. Joss Whedon is not that crazy to even have contemplated her for that role.

    And let's be honest she lies. All of the time (which is what people who are on drugs do) she has said that Ben Affleck was going to put her in one of her movies, that she has all of the producers knocking down her door. It's not even funny just sad.

    As for her being shunned. Yeah I think she is shunned. No one even wants to associate with her (besides some questionable men and people who apparently are out to use her) and now with her whole 'list" she probably has pissed off some actors who have way more power than she does in Hollywood.

    Even Oprah can't get this woman to act right and to be an adult. I think when Oprah is done with you, than Hollywood itself is not far behind.

    Also not being mean here but when I never ever see a person embodying a character on screen when I see Lindsay Lohan. I see Lindsay Lohan. Acting. Badly. That is not a good thing to a movie going audience.

  • Jumper5

    When did she say that Affleck was going to put her back in movies? Oh, wait you got that info from Radar, know for hard hitting journalism like the Kardashian marriage crisis or RHOWhatever feuding with one of the Teen Moms. And your are still gullible to believe that crap from another respected source INTOUCH, which may now have a breaking story of Anniston's for realz baby bump or Bruce Jenner desire to be a Vegas showgirl. Sad is that people still think that gossip blogs can replace legit news outlets as the new media, in these troubling times.

  • meadowdancer

    Lol I'm going to leave you alone. I can't stop laughing. Your right LL is in the upper tier of acting with movies such as Herbie: Fully Loaded, Just My Luck, I Know Who Killed Me, Scary Movie (whatever that was).

    And I guess we all ignore her drunk driving, stalking of exes, stealing, and unprofessionalism that peers have said about her. When Charlie Sheen is giving you a side eye you got issues.

    And I will capitulate that if a meteor struck Earth and wiped out Meryl Street, Viola Davis, Sandra Bullock, Carey Mulligan, Emma Stone, (add all the A list here) Lindsay would definitely start getting better movie roles.

  • Jumper5

    Never said she was Upper tier. Just that she has time to evolve with the right environment and frame of mind to rebuild her brand. What matters is that she's healthy, still has not lost her sense of humor about the past, and is taking steps to regain trust of many. Seems like there are those who want believe is going to die in a flurry of debauchery, so they can puff out their moral chest.

  • meadowdancer

    Jumper5 real talk right now. She's a freaking addict. She will lie, cheat, steal to get to her next fix whether it be drugs or booze. I am not hoping for her to die and no one in these comments said she deserved it. However she does not deserve her millionth time to keep being a fuck up. I love RDJ but he unlike LL realized he fucked up all his goodwill and luckily bounced back after being forced to go to jail. LL is heading for jail or off to star in another direct to DVD movie. She is only used for stuntcasting which shame on those in Hollywood for using someone for their own ends but that's what it is. She needs to get her shit together and get away from her toxic ass family. Oprah Winfrey brought this hot mess back on TV and all it has shown is that Logan has learned not a damn thing.

  • Jumper5

    How is her sister or brothers toxic? There normal and healthy, and two went to college with one being a honor student. Dina and Michael have not been helpful, but its seems they are changing their tune for Lindsay's well being. But entire family being shun as your answer is just typical internet soapbox judgment fueled by hearsay. Not everyone can earn Dr. Phil's degree by watching a few episodes in the background while googling Bieber and Selena updates.

  • Aaron Schulz

    What about those of us that do have a degree in addiction counseling and everything she is currently doing is ordinary train to relapse town?

    Maybe her family has totally stepped up to help her, but only her and her family actually knows, what we see is her making a buck by having a reality show and being more concerned with letting people know the great things she turned down and that shes so great? Lying, delusions, self aggrandizing, and really she should cut all contact with her mother based on her earlier interactions, she needs to get fully healthy before she tries to fix that train wreck of a relationship. Toxic relationships dont get fixed through rehab, rehab helps a person that wants help get to a better place. They tell you to cut contact from friends or family that facilitated, in any way, the abuse.

    But im sure you will have a totally reasonable reaction to me saying any of this.

  • meadowdancer

    For someone who is not on the Lohan payroll or doesn't read gossip mags how do you know that?

  • Jumper5

    And how would you know where LL is heading? Crystal Ball? Predator Spy Drone? Time Machine? People seem to forget that RDJ went to rehab two more times after his prison stint in the 90's, avoiding another incarceration, in 2001. He was motivated finally after becoming a father and realizing his responsibilities as a parent. Before the likes of TMZ and 24/7 gossip pit we have today covering every footstep of a public figure.
    Lilo, either positive or negative, should not be compare/contrast with other celebs just because of inflection.She is learning how to adjust where everyone is waiting for the f-up to feel justified.

  • Aaron Schulz

    If we click your profile name, for someone who claims we all read too many gossip sites, you really get around. EW, People, some website ive never heard of. I wonder if you get paid, because i will totally shill for a trashy has been "celebrity" if it pays well.

  • meadowdancer

    Oh man are you seriously this obtuse? I don't need a crystal ball since she is going the way of every drugged out actress/singer lways goesgoes when they keep getting enabled and don't admit that they have a serious freaking addiction. You can't be an addict and drink. Its a slippery freaking slope. She may last a long time and keep popping up in barely watchable movies but she really needs rehab. Not a 30 day release ashe needs seriously a year long break from Hollywood and rehab.

  • Jumper5

    And you seen here drink recently or CDAN has given you their accounts from sources? She went to Cliiffside for three months, and no incident has occurred. Not a magic bullet but she seem to be following whatever they counsel her about. Projecting someone's doom doesn't solve their issues or make you Drew Pinsky on matters of the human condition.

  • Jumper5

    Another patron of gossip generator CDAN. Did you know both Kat Dennings and Beth Biers called bs on the old reliable Enty weeks ago for his/their inside dish? You know both stars of the show who have nothing to gain from supporting Lindsay by calling out this crap? But Enty is so right on point with their dish like when they cited RDJ as their" inside man" on the Room 23/ Hollywood sex club fiasco awhile back....never heard back from RDJ's people about that pressing issue. CDAN and their blinds/article are no different from the supermarket mags that are always stack at Duane Reade. Plus like Lainey and Celebitchy, CDAN has this weird Captain Ahab venom for Lilo that if they wanted her to be gone and disappear like a novelty act they would stop blogging about her when they get a morsel of info from the Radar Online or NY Post. But they need AD REVENUE and a villain for the Hollywood insider narrative so....whatever keeps their soapbox steady.

  • VonnegutSlut

    And yet, she still somehow manages to appear out of touch with reality, flaky & unprofessional in her "docu-series." If that's what you mean by being a human, then, yeah, you're right but that's sure as shit not re-branding.

    Not re-branding by a damn sight. That's re-confirming.

  • Jumper5

    To your expectations, when reading every gossip tidbit about her that tries to paint her which shade of Vlad the Impaler, Scarface or Norma Desmond. Take your pick or all at once. She just got out of rehab for two months and rushed in to get her life in order in NYC. Of course her mindset would be fractured but through all she is still rebuilding and no episode of a meltdown despite the internet's wish.

  • She's become stuntcasting of the greatest magnitude. Can't get your crappy Liz Taylor or 70s porn script off the ground? Get Lohan. It gets your awful project off the ground just because people want to see the car crash.

  • She had a combination of smoldering looks and innocence that played well at the time. But was she a better actress than her contemporaries like Rachel McAdams or Michelle Williams or any of the other attractive, capable actresses in her age bracket? No.

    Sounds like a yearning for time lost. Thing is it's still in her hands to turn things around, but she clearly thinks it's everyone else's fault she's not a star.

    As Rick James once said:

  • Sara_Tonin00

    ScarJo is the best equivalent for her, I think. That same wide-eyed, deceptively throaty voice even as a kid. But Johansson does solid-to-excellent work and is a professional.

  • Maddy

    She definitely (used to) have a great charisma and 'presence' but I never thought she was Meryl Streep or anything

  • Jumper5

    She still has charisma. She just need the right environment of to bring out her skills and prove that she's not a flake and cares about her craft.

  • $99571230

    Exactly what environment would that be?

  • lukebc


  • Sara_Tonin00

    No...if people think you're a flake, it's not about your environment. I could say that for talent - because you could be a great stage actor but fail on the screen, but that wouldn't prevent you from being prepared and showing up when & where you are supposed to show up.

  • Or, you know, to jump off the addiction train...

  • meadowdancer

    Apparently I am just a mean jerk today but heck no she was not at the top of the A list actresses before her downward spiral. Mean Girls to me succeeded more because Tina Fey wrote a good script and they got actresses who could play those roles. I didn't see Lindsay Lohan and think ah yes that is our next Meryl Streep. Before the drugs she was never going to be the next Michelle Williams (can you imagine her in Marilyn or Brokeback Mountain?) or Keira Knightly (can you imagine her in Atonement?) Anna Kendrick (Up in the Air, Drinking Buddies, Perfect Pitch). I mean come on. She never was up for a role in the Avengers and Colbie Smulders did an excellent job. Frankly I was surprised by her turn as Maria Hill in Avengers and even hooted to my friends that she starred in HIMYM.

  • Zirza

    You just mentally ruined Brokeback Mountain and Atonement for me. THANKS A BUNCH INTERNET STRANGER.

    Seriously, though, I think her luck in Mean Girls was that she was supposed to be the 'straight' girl and she had bitchy Rachel McAdams, desperate Lacey Chabert and ditzy Amanda Seyfried to bounce off of. None of those three are Meryl Material but they're better actors than Lindsay Lohan.

  • meadowdancer

    Lol I'm sorry!

  • John W

    I think it's more likely she was supposed to play the waitress (play by Ashley Johnson) that Cap interacts with.

  • lowercase_ryan

    Man, I don't even think about Lindsay Lohan, let alone any skills she might have wasted.

  • Bob Genghis Khan

    I don't think you are missing anything, and I've felt the same way since she started her downward spiral. I'm trying to imagine what massively important roles and films the world has missed out on since she became a Professional Trainwreck, and I've got nothing. She's basically on the same level as Hilary Duff in the acting department, and no one is hung up on what could have been if only Lizzie McGuire were still acting.

  • She had good instincts for a child actor and did nothing with it. I teach high school theater. Kids like Lohan are a dime a dozen. You can have all the charisma in the world and still not make it because you don't put the work in.

    Acting is a craft. You need training. I'm not even talking a specific method. You need to learn how to read a script, how to develop a character, how to take direction, and how to behave like a professional. Lohan learned none of this because it was always done for her.

  • Jumper5

    So you think doing kid stuff roles like PCH, Bobby, or even the those teen roles don't require learning about a character or studying a script to convey emotions? Because Lindsay just must have just so lucky that casting just picked her on a dartboard method.

  • Not what I said at all. Thank you for so blindly defending Lindsay.

    What I said was she had some solid foundation and then wasn't pushed by anyone to do anything further with it.

    And if you think picking out sadness when a script says cry or joy when a script says the character is laughing is the extent of script reading, then anyone who can read is an expert at acting. Look at the terrible performance she gave in I Know Who Killed Me and see if she ever learned how to read a script to build an actual character.

  • BendinIntheWind

    I honestly don't think she was anywhere NEAR such a high-profile role. I would be willing to bet money that she was "considered" for the part of the waitress being interviewed on the news after the destruction, (which instead went to Ashley Johnson).

  • denesteak

    That waitress was a character in Dollhouse. Whedon tends to be faithful to authors he's used before, even the side characters.

  • denesteak

    And by authors I mean actors. Auto correct, y'all.

  • sherryb23

    This was my assumption as well. If you watch the scenes they cut from the theatre release, the blonde waitress was in a LOT of them, which would have made it a much more high-profile role. Also, "blonde waitress" was played by Ashley Johnson (who?), much more of an unknown than Cobie Smulders, who was a lead in a 9-year-run popular (until the finale) sitcom.

  • BendinIntheWind

    Exactly - she's pretty much unknown, but still recognizable enough that I definitely had an "Oh, that's that girl" moment. I could definitely see it *possibly* going to a cleaned-up Lindsay.

  • sherryb23

    And were Lindsay cleaned up (let the mind go there, sadly), it would have been a pretty cute cameo. Alas...

  • Jumper5

    It would be cool to see her in a action flick, with her being healthy now and in the right mind frame to be athletic as well. Comedy is somewhat a strong suit for her at the moment.

  • lukebc

    There is a direct correlation between blowhan's "healthy right now" and the amount of cocaine IT has just ingested.

  • BendinIntheWind

    I honestly think she's gotten to a point where I can no longer recognize her as a "character" in a role. Any time she pops up on screen, to me it's just "Lindsay Lohan, Professional Trainwreck, Pretending To Be __________"

  • Billybob

    I guess people really like Mean Girls.

    ... One of these days I should watch Mean Girls. Or at least try to find out what "fetch" means.

  • Bert_McGurt

    Well, it WAS written by Tina Fey.

  • Uriah_Creep

    Exactly, it's not like Lindz there was outstanding in it, it was going to be surprinsingly good regardless.

  • foolsage

    It's a surprisingly good movie.

  • Berry

    All you really need to know about fetch is that it's not going to happen.

  • TK

    Hey, hey, hey. You don't know that. God, when did it become okay for one person to be the boss of everybody, huh? Because that's not what Rome is about. We should totally JUST STAB CAESAR.

  • Uriah_Creep

    Dude, you totally missed the Ides of March!

  • Berry

    I wish we could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat it and be happy.

  • TK


  • Berry

    But I do have a lot of feelings.

  • Mrs. Julien

    That's what IMBb is for.

    I haven't seen the whole movie either.

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