Warner Brothers Making Odyssey in Space (Homer not "2001")

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Warner Brothers Making Odyssey in Space (Homer not 2001)

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trade News | January 15, 2013 | Comments ()


Senior year of high school a group of us got extraordinarily excited about the next Star Trek film. This was in the wake of the perfectly passable Star Trek: First Contact, and before the abominations that were Insurrection and Nemesis. The rumor was that the film would be the Odyssey set in space, with Picard as Odysseus and Q in the role of one or more of the gods. This was before the Internet was the cesspool of filth and rumor it is today (it was more a cess-teaspoon than a pool), so I have no idea from whence this idea originated. But my god it was fantastic in our heads. Of course it never happened.

Warner Brothers though may be giving us the next best thing, having signed James DiLapo (who is a young screenwriter with no actual credits to his name, though he does have a script on the 2012 Blacklist of fantastic screenplays looking for money) to adapt Homer's The Odyssey into space. This can only be good, because by definition all stories are better with "in space" tacked onto the pitch, just like all fortune cookies are better with "in bed" tacked onto the end. Although come to think of it, I think I like my fortunes better with "in space" than "in bed".

Apparently the idea has been bouncing around for a while, and there is already a producer involved (Terry Dougas), and a couple of year ago Brad Pitt was rumored to be starring. Of course after the looming disaster of World War Z, I'm inclined to be satisfied that he's faded from the rumors.

(source: SlashFilm)

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