Wanted 2 Is Dead
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Wanted Dead or Alive

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | February 26, 2010 | Comments ()


Nobody appreciated Wanted like I did (and boy howdy and a bowl full of gravy, did I love it), probably 'cause the haters got all bent out of shape about the Loom of Destiny MacGuffin or whatever. Those bullets curved, people! What does it take to impress you?

Anyway, for those like me who were looking forward to more of James McAvoy and Angelina Jolie smearing bullets and sex appeal all over the screen in a sequel, you can give up the ghost now. Wanted 2, for now anyway, is deader than Obama's health care bill. It seems that Ms. Jolie has decided to turn down Wanted 2 in favor of another movie, Gravity, which is a sci-fi thriller from director Alfonso Cuarón. I don't blame her, really. As much as I dug Wanted, you get a chance to work with Cuarón, then you work with Cuarón, damnit. That man knows how to string a series of scenes together in an appealing fashion. Plus, Gravity sounds like a decent sci-fi flick. In it, Jolie would be "playing the sole surviving human member of a space mission, desperately trying to return home to Earth and her daughter." And she'd be on screen all by her little lonesome for most of the film.

Anyway, with Jolie taking the classier sci-fi flick, it appears that Wanted will languish, as there are no plans to recast the part, even though she basically died in the end of the original. So, all the work that went into scripting the sequel is apparently for naught. And now, we're stuck with more James McAvoy period pieces, which is fine and great and dandy. But I really liked watching him put the hurt on folks.

(Source: NY Magazine)

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