Vince Gilligan Will Follow 'Breaking Bad' with a 10-Year-Old CBS Procedural
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Vince Gilligan Will Follow 'Breaking Bad' with a 10-Year-Old CBS Procedural

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | September 26, 2013 | Comments ()


Look, I don’t think that Gilligan is going to be too terribly involved in this series (so, no need to be concerned for Gilligan’s future), but a procedural he pitched to CBS about a decade ago is being picked up by the network and given a 13-episode order. Gilligan may direct the pilot, but House show runner, David Shore, will be running Battle Creek. What’s it about?

From THR:

An early drama spec from the Breaking Bad creator has been granted a series production order for the 2014-15 season. The project, which was first developed at CBS in 2002, centers on two detectives with very different world views who are teamed up. Together, they must answer the question: Are cynicism, guile and deception enough to clean up the semi-mean streets of Battle Creek, Michigan, in the face of a complete lack of resources, or is the exact opposite true — it takes naïveté, trust and a boatload of resources?

It sounds, at best, like a complex detective procedural, but it’s not only for a network, but CBS, so I would not expect anything groundbreaking or even terribly interesting. Network shows are designed for 22 episodes a year, with hopes of running multiple years, so series arcs tend not to be too complex. Your parents, however, will probably love it.

Gilligan, of course, will also executive produce the Better Call Saul spin-off for AMC, but he’s expected to hand that off to Peter Gould, the Breaking Bad writer who created the Saul Goodman character.

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  • Wigamer

    I love Breaking Bad so much, but I kinda want to punch Vince Gilligan whenever he starts talking. Why is that?

  • mkawia

    because he sounds like a redneck

  • Uriah_Creep

    Because you're a violent sociopath?

  • Wigamer

    Perhaps. But If that were true, I'd probably love the shit out of Vince Gilligan. He just strikes me as a wee bit, ever-so-slightly...smarmy. ETA: Or smug? Maybe smug.

  • e jerry powell

    Well, better than a twenty-year old CBS procedural, anyway...

  • oilybohunk7

    I will watch THE SHIT out of it because it will be the first show ever set in a place that I know really well.

  • bastich

    Has anyone started a petition yet to make Vince Gilligan look less like Dave Grohl? Plastic surgery, a wig, a beard...anything would work.

  • emmalita

    Dave Grohl is a good looking man. :)

  • Three_nineteen

    CBS now has Person of Interest and Elementary, so there is hope.

  • Steve Ward

    2002? So they've greenlit a series purely so they can run commercials that loudly announce "from the creator of Breaking Bad~!!!" Cool, smart move, and going low tech, pure detective work on a procedural sounds like a cool idea. I hope it takes off and Gilligan just gets to cash cheques for the next decade. Can't say I have any inclination to watch it yet, though.

  • Bert_McGurt

    With that location I expect them to run into many a cereal killer.

  • bastich

    "The witnesses said that they heard snaps, crackles, and pops from the next room."

  • Mrs. Julien

    We repeat, "EN FUEGO!".

  • Steve Ward

    With that location, I expect them to run into Rob Van Dam.

    This comment will receive five "likes" at absolute most, but those five people will be the best Pajibans ever.

  • Bert_McGurt

    Ain't nobody could wrestle while baked out of his tree like RVD. I forgot he was from there too.

  • Wōđanaz Óðinn

    The guy could go work on The Big Bang Theory or some other load of shite and I would find it difficult to fault him for it. He's given us something to treasure and owes us nothing.
    Considering how intense Breaking Bad was I can't imagine what it was like to work on. Going down a less demanding road is completely understandable.

    Sure, the internet will bitch and judge, but other than the roads and the aqueducts, what has the internet ever done for us?

  • Fredo

    And wouldn't that be a good idea? Go do a lighter show? Not quite a sitcom but a fun, laid-back family show?

    Hell, get Bryan Cranston to be the Dad character and Dean Norris to be his wacky neighbor!

  • Wōđanaz Óðinn

    He certainly has the chops. Breaking Bad is hilarious at times. You the know, the bits between when your soul needs to take a shower...

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