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Vera Farmiga Is The Mother Of Evil Plus Ender's Game Photos

By Jodi Clager | Trade News | February 20, 2013 | Comments ()

I've never read "Ender's Game". I'm sorry.

I understand the book is about Andrew "Ender" Wiggin (Asa Butterfield) going to International Military school to protect the world from alien invaders. We have a photo of Butterfield and Hailee Stanfield as Petra Arkanian. Arkanian is the only female in the Salamander Army. You can also spot Dink Meeker (Khylin Rhambo), and Bonzo Madrid (Moises Arias) at the table. (All of these names are stupid. Why are all the names so stupid? Then again, it makes sense that people of the future will have these types of names. Blue Ivy, Apple, Morocco, Kal-El, Blaise, Sundance, and Sin Halo are the names of the future, people.)


Speaking of Salamander Army, Collider has the different logos for the army sections of the school. There is Salamander, Asp, and Rat. There is also a logo described as a possible spoiler, so click at your own peril.




Collider also has a clip from Park Chan-wook's Stoker, starring Mia Wasikowska, Matthew Goode, and Nicole Kidman. The clip is mostly silent and features Wasikowska's India with her Uncle Charlie (Goode).

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