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October 1, 2008 |

By Dustin Rowles | Industry | October 1, 2008 |

Now this is just weird: Deadline Hollywood’s Nikke Finke, who as we all know is so powerful that when she makes up shit for her column, the studios work double-time to make it happen lest they piss her off — got her hands on an internal memo from MGM regarding the Valkyrie trailer, and published it on her site (scurrilous!). What’s funny, however, is just how in tune the MGM memo is with our own post and the subsequent comments about the trailer. I think the Memo is based largely on feedback you all gave the trailer.

From: Sandro Bellini [Digital Marketing | Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc]
Sent: Monday, September 29, 2008 4:27 PM

Attached is an updated report on online buzz around the new Valkyrie assets:


Favorable Tone Dominates Trailer Buzz - Currently, reactions to the Valkyrie trailer are significantly favorable (approximately 80%) within Entertainment, Fan-Boy, Video Sharing, Social Networks, Social Bookmarks, and Fan communities. Fans deem the trailer “fantastic,” often praising the “stylistic” way that the footage was cut and asserting that it is “way better” than the initial teaser. Enthusiasts also note that the “intriguing” trailer has furthered their anticipation for the film’s release and anticipate that it will feature many great performances from the ensemble cast. Additionally, many viewers share avid excitement to see Bryan Singer’s “distinctive work” in the film and, while others admitted that they “aren’t fans” of Tom Cruise, they stated that the trailer has “sold” them on seeing Valkyrie in December. Neutral reactions (15%) arise from viewers sharing mixed reactions to the trailer, often asserting that while the film has the potential to be “awesome” they still have their doubts based on the initial critical buzz. The limited amount of unfavorable discussion (5%) stems from critics expressing general disinterest in the film, contending that the trailer makes Valkyrie look like “another Hollywood action movie.”

And if you look at the Pajiba comments, you’ll notice the uncanny similarities:

“I think Cruise studied at the Costner School of Accents and Dialects.” — Mella

“The trailer is kind of blah.” — Cindy

“Am I the only one who almost had a seizure from this trailer?” — Knife Pile

“Is it just me, or is the editing kind of… off? It looks more like a spoof trailer.” — Sofia

“So VALKYRIE is the sequel to TROPIC THUNDER? So soon? Awesome!” — SpiceLux

“I’m… underwhelmed. Too bad, because it’s a fascinating story that deserves a good movie.” —louveciennes

“Also that movie looks great. I wonder if they get Hitler?” —Ambrosekalifornia

Hmmm. I don’t think MGM did all the research — I believe there was some cherry-picking done here. Again, the Pajiba contingent is ignored by the mainstream. Fuck ‘em. Fuck ‘em all.

The Pajiba Community Contributes to the Internal Discussions of Valkyrie

Why Does No One Love Us / Dustin Rowles

Industry | October 1, 2008 |

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