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"A Gummo-esque musical"

By TK | Trade News | August 10, 2009 | Comments ()


Oh, yay. Consider me one of those who doesn't get Harmony Korine. Yes, his screenplay for Kids was pretty impressive. But since then? No. Sorry. Not a Gummo fan. Never seen Julien Donkey-Boy or Mister Lonely, and don't particularly want to.

Well, good news then: apparently, under cover of darkness, and without anyone even knowing, he's finished his most recent film, the charmingly titled Trash Humpers. It's described thusly:

Harmony Korine returns to Gummo territory in this handheld video of a loser-gang cult-freak collective who do antisocial things in a nonnarrative way, except for the song-and-dance numbers.

(h/t to Slashfilm). It'll premiere at the Toronto Film Festival next week, so all you Canadiaks, get to seeing it and report back. Cause I sure as shit ain't watching it. However, it does give me the opportunity to drive Skitz a little more crazy, which is always fun.

Sleep tight, Skittiums.

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