Transformers' Bumblebee Goes Ape Bonkers on Used Car Lot

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | February 2, 2011 | Comments ()


Some summer blockbusters do tie-ins with fast-food restaurants, but Michael Bay's Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon is also doing tie-ins with Chevy, probably in addition all of the major fast-food restaurants, which makes sense since those fries are basically cooked in used motor oil (mmmmm. Fries.). Chevy is running something like 8 commercials during the Super Bowl, which is probably costing the car manufacturer upwards of $25 million, much of which I'm sure we're funding through that government bail out. You're welcome, Chevy.

Anyway, the trailers so far for Dark Side of the Moon actually suggests that it might be better than the previous installment, though honestly, a smashed testicle would be a more pleasurable experience. This spot, which is probably the first of two dozen Super Bowl commercials that will be released to the Internet before Sunday, is actually kind of fun. It doesn't really inspire hope for the movie or make me want to buy a Chevy because, come on? Chevy? But I got a kick out of it, anyway.

(Via Slashfilm)

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