Nothing More Dangerous Than a Woman With an Ass-Katana

By TK | Industry | May 6, 2010 | Comments ()

By TK | Industry | May 6, 2010 |


Sometimes I think I could fill my days doing nothing but watching trailers for crazy Japanese movies. Sure, the Netherlands has their Human Centipedes and Denmark has Lars Von Trier and mutilating masturbation, and the U.S. has Bride Wars. But that is but a drop in the bucket compared to the full on, monkey-shittingly insane movies that come out of that kooky little island.

A couple of weeks ago, we posted the trailer for Big Tits Zombie in 3D, a brain-licker of a flick that, while short on the tits, was in no way short on the zombies. Now, we have yet another batshit, wackadoo crazypants trailer, this time for Robo-Geisha. It's directed by Noboru Iguchi, who has a resume littered with similarly nutso titles -- if I had to choose, my top choices would be Shyness Machine Girl, Doctor's Enema, and my personal fave -- Entrails of a Larva (aka Evil Guy).

If you gave me endless amounts of liquor and hallucinogens, I could not make this shit up.

Anyway. Enough bullshit. Here's the trailer for Robo-Geisha, in all it's gloriously glorious glory:

(in case you couldn't figure it out, this is not particularly safe for work)

Could have done without the bleeding butthole shot.

(Source: ONEMETAL)

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