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By TK | Trade News | August 26, 2009 | Comments ()


Somehow, Three Days was completely off my radar. It will star Russell Crowe as half of a just-plain-folks couple. His wife is imprisoned for a murder she swears she didn't commit, and it's up to hubby Crowe to try to clear her name. It's also a (sigh) remake of the French thriller Pour Elle.

Yes, we are now remaking films that are less than 12 months old. Rumor has it that a remake of the remake will be released two months after this comes out. In any event, it's certainly an interesting cast -- Elizabeth Banks has just been tapped to play the wife. I love Banks to pieces, so that's promising. Plus, it gives her an opportunity to flex her dramatic chops, which should prove interesting. Crowe is a solid actor, so despite this being yet another case of remake-itis, there's some serious potential here.

Oh, and it's being produced, written, and directed by Paul Haggis.

That's right, fuckers. Paul motherfucking Haggis. The hardest working sanctimonious, shithead, master of the fucking sledgehammer sentimentality, doucheswallower in Hollywood. He's still getting work. And now he's taking the lovely Ms. Banks down with him. You know why? Because the universe is a cruel, cold machine that feeds on hope.

Take your No Whining Wednesday and fucking cram it. I hope you all drown in your coffee.


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