This Year's Top 10 Television Buzzwords

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This Year’s Top 10 Television Buzzwords

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | September 26, 2012 | Comments ()


I don't really understand the methodology behind this, but a media analytics company, The Global Language Monitor, has ranked the top ten television buzzwords of the year based on their usage in social media, the news media, and the rest of the Internet.

10. C.K. (as in, Louie C.K.)


9. Jubilee (as in, the 50th Anniversary of an event, as in how many years Queen Elizabeth has been on the throne)


8. Fourth screen (as in, iPads and other tablets)


7. Kate (as in, Middleton)


6. Scripted (as opposed to reality television shows)


5. La Toti (Sofia Vergara's nickname. Really? I had no idea. I don't know what that means in Spanish, but my guess is that this GIF captures the essence)


4. Dothraki (a made-up language from "Game of Thrones"


3. Bipolar (as in, the condition of Clare Danes' character in Homeland


2. Shell shock (thanks to "Downton Abbey")


1. Adorkable (see: "New Girl")


(Source: Time)

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