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By Seth Freilich | Industry | September 15, 2008 |

always-sunny.jpgWe’re still pretty early in the TV season, and the landscape for new shows is still a bit thin. I know some of y’all love the “House” and the “Supernatural,” and I’m sure “Smallville” must still have some fans left, so y’all have that going for you. But for me, the only thing that matters this week as far as season premieres goes is a little something called “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” (And it’s going to be sunny as fuck in Philly tomorrow, after the Iggles put the smackdown on the Cowgirls tonight!)

Tonight (9/15): Nuttin. So watch Donny Mac and company win their last game, ever, in Texas Stadium.

Tuesday (9/16): “The Biggest Loser” (NBC at 8 pm) and “House” (Fox at 8 pm).

Wednesday (9/17): Nuttin.

Thursday (9/18): “Smallville” (The CW at 8 pm), “Supernatural” (The CW at 9 pm) and, fuck yeah, “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” (FX at 10 pm, with a second episode at 10:30).

Friday (9/19): “20/20” (ABC at 10 pm).

Saturday (9/20): “Primeval” (BBC America at 9 pm).

Sunday (9/20): Nuttin. (Well, premiere-wise, that is. There is, however, that little Emmy’s award show. Yes it’s meaningless. But we’ll be bitching about it come Monday anyways, cause that’s how we do.)

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Industry | September 15, 2008 | Comments ()

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