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This Isn't No Intervention

By Cindy Davis | Industry | September 10, 2010 |

By Cindy Davis | Industry | September 10, 2010 |

HBO is ramping up the promos for this Sunday's True Blood third season finale. We're all waiting to see whether Eric and Russell survive their tanning session - odds are at least one of them will. Sookie is aware that she's part fairy now and she appears to be trying to find her way back to Claudine and fairy world. I'm actually looking forward to learning more about that world and what capabilities fairies have. Tara and Sam both deserve a little happiness; if they can find it together that would beat the hell out of their separate miseries this season. Sookie and Bill and Sookie and Eric look like a wash right now, but we still have Jessica and Hoyt. Well, as long as Mother Maxine doesn't have a say anyway...

So the question is, how will be be left hanging until next summer?

Promo 1: Hoyt gets ambushed:

Sam makes Tara breakfast:

Sookie runs:

Finale preview:

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