They're Making A Batman TV Show...Uh, Without Batman
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They're Making A Batman TV Show...Uh, Without Batman

By Joanna Robinson | Trade News | September 24, 2013 | Comments ()


It was just announced today that FOX has purchased Gotham, a TV series chronicling the police force of Gotham City. Presumably inspired by the award-winning comic “Gotham Central,” the show would feature a young James “Jim” aka “The Commish” Gordon and the Gotham City villains we’ve come to know and fear. Noticeably absent? The caped crusader himself.


Other than the occasional kick-ass guest spot, there hasn’t been a great Gotham-centric TV show since the amazing animated series went off the air in 1995. If “Gotham Central” is indeed the inspiration for this new show, then we can expect The Joker, Two-Face, Mad Hatter and The Penguin etc. to join in on the fun. If, however, FOX’s track record with fantasy-based series is any indication, Gotham will be cancelled in under two seasons. And since that’s all we know for now, I’ll be spending the rest of the week thinking of all the viable, mustachioed young leading man I can. The front-runner in my mind? The dreamy and insanely talented Michael Raymond-James (True Blood, Terriers, Once Upon A Time). You can see it there under the denim, can’t you? Sure you can.


(via Deadline)

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  • Pat Sponaugle

    I like your choice for Jim Gordon. I'll have to remind myself that he's not the cajun from True Blood, though. Gary Oldman was great as compassionate Jimmy "Gordo" Gordon in the Nolan Batman movies, and I'd like to see MRJ's take on the role.

  • bastich

    All due respect to "Gotham Central", but aren't there other bat-people whom a good show could be built around, instead?

    Nightwing, maybe? Or Batwoman? Or "Alfred: Battle Butler"?

  • Drake

    Michael Raymond-James should be in everything. Especially my bunk.

  • Bennetttt

    I beginning to wonder if TV producers, and writers believe they are magicians that can somehow wield enough hype to attract, and maintain viewers without giving them what they really want.

    That's the magic part. Last nights Agents Of SHIELD is the most recent example.
    Why do we go to see marvel super hero movies? TO SEE THE MARVEL HEROES IN ACTION! Yet, somehow TV producers, expect you expect less, and wonder why it fails.

    My common sense proposal to the producers is if you simple cannot producer VFX, or action sequences similar to the movies it is based from, please just STOP!
    Chop down the cast, and cut it down to the bare essentials for whatever it takes. Help fiance the poor VFX companies that go broke over worked by actually making shows that deliver what people want. Stop pretending I'm watching hero movies to be considered falsely sophisticated art pieces, and shame on me for wanting what I see in the movies.

    I'm serious, if you cannot deliver a tiny movie in a TV show format, just STOP!

  • Since they were dumb enough not to have him star in SHIELD, can we put Enver Gjokaj in this? He deserves his own show.

  • Joe Grunenwald

    I will watch the shit out of this. Though I hope that Batman isn't completely absent. His presence should be felt, even if he's never seen.

    Also: If they cast anyone other than Katee Sackhoff as Det. Sarah Essen in this show, I will burn them to the ground.

  • foolsage

    Huh. I wonder if they'll include Essen, or for that matter if the setting is based in any sense on Year One. That's a compelling idea, honestly; a good cop transfers in from another city, and now he's facing a corrupt department, with a sexy young hardcase for a partner.

    And yes, that's another of the many roles that Katee Sackhoff would be absolutely perfect for. File that away with Carol Danvers among the "put Katee in a comic book movie dammit" files.

  • psemophile

    "Gotham Central" worked because everything that happened, happened in the shadow of Batman. The cops knew that Batman is doing the job they ought to be doing so there was always this fierce imagined rivalry between the cops and Bats that drove the comic. Removing Batman from the equation just doesn't sit well with me.
    Well, let me put it this way : "Gotham" isn't Gotham without Batman.

  • psemophile

    Also, Renee Monotoya or fuck this desperate fucking show.

  • Classic

    Well Sleepy Hollow is doing well so this may last too.

  • zeke_the_pig

    Huh...I read that cast of villains as including Mad Hitler. One can dream I suppose

  • Tracer Bullet

    If we have one Hitler, we can have a TEAM of Hitlers. Sad Hitler, the crying one. Fad Hitler, the foppish dandy. Cad Hitler, the sexy rogue. Dad Hitler wears cardigan sweaters and chuckles avuncularly. Chad and Brad Hitler are disaffected, homicidal twin teens. Rad Hitler kills with the force of his fist pumping.

  • bastich

    "To the Hitlermobile!"

  • zeke_the_pig

    You mean your Chevy?

  • bastich


    (To be honest, it's a pain to have to draw that little moustache on the front grille every morning.)

  • Al Borland's Beard

    Would it just be the Downfall parody as a villain?

    Gordon: What do we have so far?

    Gotham police officer: All we could find was this note written in German.

    Gordon: Get the translator!

    Translator: What do you need, detective?

    Gordon: Can you translate this note?

    Translator: Let's seems to be complaining about GTA V not being released on PC.

    Gordon: The Mad Hitler! Now that I think about it, the German should have been a giveaway.

  • Ian Fay

    The comic's pretty good.

    It's basically Agents of SHIELD except find/replace "spy" with "cop". There's a lot of stuff about normals having to deal with super powered crime in the wretched hive of scum and villiany that is Gotham.

    The first few trades feature Renee Montoya, who's amazing. It deals in a great way with her coming out of the closet, the backlash in the police community, and the repercussions with her super-Catholic family.

  • Guest

    Super-Catholics, eh?

  • Wrestling Fan

    combine Gotham Central and Gotham Knights, get the supporting heroes and villains onto the show, let the cops be the focus, and it could be a good series.

  • Aaron Schulz

    I just dont get why they dont only do the animated stuff and the occasional movie, those cartoons are almost entirely excellent and can get away with goofy special effects and whatnot that a show about superheroes never could.

  • Batman

    TDKR was a Batnan movie without Batman

  • MarTeaNi

    Just hire Brubaker to write it. Come on. I want a decent live-action DC tv show. The odds are not good but you improve them immensely if you turn the bro dial down and hire Brubaker.

  • foolsage

    Fair enough; he surely has the chops. In a wholly different direction, I wouldn't complain if Dini wrote the series; yes, he does good young-adult stuff, but he's also a solid writer with a firm hand at characterization, and he knows Gotham inside and out.

    Just don't let the thing be written by Bendis, please. Or at least, not solely by him, else we'll just have whole episodes with two characters standing in place talking. ;)

  • BlackRabbit

    I LOVED Dini's Batman Files-type stories, and the art was pretty spiffy too.

  • foolsage

    Dini does some damned fine work, and doesn't get enough credit.

  • Sean

    That would make too much sense.

  • MarTeaNi

    Unfortunately true. It wouldn't jive with DC's current method of do-everything-wrong-before-accidentally-stumbling-on-doing-it-right.

  • Enrique del Castillo

    As usual, DC, leaking desperation...
    Anyway, as long as Gotham Central is truly the inspiration behind this, it can be great. However, the guy who created The Mentalist isn't a great sign

  • Ben

    So The Batman, Batman Brave and the Bold, and the currently running Beware The Batman don't count? I mean if we're counting animated series. I don't think Bats has been off the air for more then 2 years since the original Animated series.

  • Sean

    I imagine that you are forgetting Birds of Prey.

  • JoannaRobinson

    Ugh, you're right. I blocked it.

  • Sean

    I actually liked it. I have a Dina Meyer thing

  • csb

    Upvote for Dina Meyer.

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