'The Zero Theroem' Clip: The Church Of Batman The Redeemer Isn't Even the Best Part!
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The Zero Theroem Clip: The Church Of Batman The Redeemer Isn't Even the Best Part!

By Jodi Clager | Trade News | September 3, 2013 | Comments ()


It looks like I was way off with my completely fabricated synopsis for Terry Gilliam’s Zero Theroem. There is no pizza or taco trucks to be found and the full-body comput-o-suit from the poster isn’t in this clip. So what is it really about?

Christoph Waltz plays a highly intelligent computer programmer named Qohen Leth. Leth is obsessed with the meaning of human existence, but right now he has to navigate the headache-inducing streets of…THE FUTURE.

Sadly, Zero Theroem is still looking for a distributor so who knows when the rest of us will get to see Gilliam’s shiny kind of existentialism. Please enjoy this clip until I win the lottery and finance the film.

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  • Befuddled

    How did you manage to get the title wrong all 3 times even though it's in the title of the video you linked? The "o" comes before the "r" in theorem.

  • manting

    interesting, I get a blade runner feel. I hope Waltz takes on Roy Batty

  • Sean

    Don't worry,it will show up online, sooner or later. Probably sooner.

  • E Robb

    Dang. Kinda looks like Gilliam's lesser films. His boppy, slightly too goofy ones.

  • I will watch the ever-loving fork out of this.

  • marigi

    Unfortunately the film was not well received at the Venice film festival, so it's not getting much of a push for distribution...

  • John G.

    Is that the future? That's exactly how the street feels to me now.

  • BWeaves


    And all Gilliam's films look like this. I'm a bit bored by it all.

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