The World's Greatest Extra Gets His Due, Makes Out With Supermodel

By TK | Trade News | February 1, 2013 | Comments ()

By TK | Trade News | February 1, 2013 |

I've got the weirdest boner right now.

Seriously though, the commercial is pretty goofy and under normal circumstances I'd never bother writing up a friggin' Go Daddy commercial. But Heiman's story is actually pretty unusual -- he's literally built a career out of bit parts. He's been on Leno, interviewed on ABC News, he's got a Youtube video that compiles his appearances that's gotten almost 3 million hits, and he's, well, he's that guy. That guy in that thing, that show, you know? The one with the face? You know? With the hair? That one.

It's just nice to know that all that hard work and dedication to being in the background can result in making out with Bar Refaeli. That's the American way, folks.

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