The 'WolfCop' Trailer May Inspire Hairy, Howling Pangs of Canadian Jealousy

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The 'WolfCop' Trailer May Inspire Hairy, Howling Pangs of Canadian Jealousy

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | June 6, 2014 | Comments ()

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 10.09.38 AM.png

Our old Canadian friend Doran/Admin/Sparkletits passed this trailer for WolfCop over to me. The movie shot in Saskatchewan, opens today in Canada today, and I’m wondering whether it might be worth giving up a weekend of Orange is the New Black binge-watching to drive across the border just to watch this movie.

All I know about it is that it’s about an alcoholic cop who is turned into a werewolf, and that it’s probably crammed to the brim with lycanthropic puns. “HERE COMES THE FUZZ.”

It looks amazing. And also terrible. And also amazing. I want to be inside of this movie.

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  • BlackRabbit

    Wolfcop, Mummy Cop, get a few more, you could have some sort of....Monster Squad.

  • googergieger

    I don't know, this seems awfully close to the announcement of my upcoming musical, "Zombie Detective!". Guess I'll have to cancel it now.

  • There is nothing about that trailer that I don't love. I left Canada with my family when I was three to move to America and I have never regretted it for a single second until right now.

  • jon29

    The moon goes up,
    i start to sweat call the doctor,
    call the vet my brain goes numb,
    my blood gets hot all i need is what you got

    i'm a werewolf, baby,
    and here i come
    i'm a werewolf, baby,
    and here i come

    i lose control,
    i just can't stop you
    look so good like a big pork chop
    ripped my pants,
    ripped my shirt
    i'm gonna eat your mother for dessert


    i can smell your blood,
    i can hear you breathe
    i'm gonna eat your heart,
    right off your sleeve
    eat you cooked,
    eat you raw i'm
    gonna rip you up
    like a big chain saw


  • bastich

    And this from the country that gave us "Forever Knight". Maybe Canada is trying to corner the market on the "monster law enforcement" genre?

    (Coming Soon: "Mummy Mounties")

  • Maybe they'll branch out into other monster professionals and someone will make a movie about Frankenstein's Monster working as a short order cook in a diner. It'll be called 'Franks and Beans.'

  • emmalita

    Yes, please.

  • TK

    (Coming Soon: "Mummy Mounties")

    Um... I think that's a different genre entirely.

  • Different but no less vital genre.

  • JJ

    I preferred the working title Underwourld: Ehvolution.

  • TK

    If I ever end up reviewing this, I'm stealing that for the review header. No worries, credit will be given.

  • BWeaves

    I'm ready to drive to Canada for the weekend all the way from Florida. Will I make it in time? This looks awesome.

  • DataAngel

    I'm in Baltimore. Swing by and pick me up on your way.

  • Bert_McGurt

    Oh sure, the weekend I decide to drive to Minneapolis is the one you all decide to come to Canada.

  • I just got back from a few days in Canada, so I can tell you with confidence that this film is practically a documentary.

  • TherecanbeonlyoneAdmin

    They really kind of dropped the ball on our affinity for sweet moosey love. No? Just me?

  • ZbornakSyndrome

    Dustin, you're usually so spot on, but I have to vehemently disagree with this write up. There is NOTHING about this that looks terrible.
    Now, I've got a drive to Canada to make, I'll pass the time by singing "yeah...I'm a wolfcop, wolfcop!". Is the soundtrack available yet?

  • It had me at "Officer Lou Garou".

    Lou Garou.


    That tells me these people are inspired geniuses.

    And I demand they film Wolfcop 2 in Louisiana!!

  • TK

    I caught that too, fucking genius.

  • Bert_McGurt

    Oh, that is bloody fabulous. I hope they follow with a coast guard movie about Chas Galerie.

  • Kala

    You know I've got much love for you, but I can't go on this journey with you, Rowles. There's an interspecies sex scene. I JUST CAN'T DO IT.

  • TK

    It's judgmental people like you who are the reason our society is failing. WHY CAN'T YOU RESPECT THEIR LOVE.

  • Kala

    I've spent ten minutes laughing while trying to come up with a proper rebuttal. I think this simply comes down to the fact that I'm a square. BUT, if it means anything, I will read the f*ck out of your review of this film.

  • bastich

    ...not gonna make a "doggy-style" joke not gonna make a "doggy-style" joke not gonna make a "doggy-style" joke....

  • Kala

    Your restraint is incredible.

  • Well I was on the fence, but that just sold me on this movie.

  • emmalita

    Better get used to it. It's a whole genre and it will be in more movies.

  • Kala

    *Slow Eyebrow Raise* I can't tell if you're joking or not. I will live my life in cheerful glee by settling on the former.

  • emmalita

    Yeah, I wish. A friend, ahem, has read a lot of books that take Twilight to some of it's natural conclusions.

  • pajiba


  • TherecanbeonlyoneAdmin

    I'm seriously considering leaving work early. This could be Hobo With a Shotgun levels of inspired.

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