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The Universe is Toying with Us: Aaron Paul as Eddie Dean

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Industry | January 22, 2014 |

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Industry | January 22, 2014 |

So that Dark Tower adaptation of Ron Howard’s? The one that whip snaps Chinatown style between “it’s a movie series!”, “It’s a television series!”, “it’s a movie AND a television series!”? It’s still plowing forward, presumably picking up speed, and may yet eventually rumble into a station near you. Finding out that such a project had a release date would probably be the most excited I’ve gotten about a Hollywood thing since news of the Star Wars prequels broke back in 1996. You know, before George Lucas taught me to never trust and never love.

Come to think of it, you know how all of us 25-40 year old Internet writers have that cynical pose in which nothing pleases us and we see the dark cloud hovering above everything? It’s not a jaded generational stereotype. It’s that all of us simultaneously had our hopes and dreams carefully nurtured from childhood dick slapped out of our skulls by a right Jar-Jar rogering.

But Ron Howard, oh Ron Howard. You make us dream again.

And Aaron Paul just confirmed that he’s been meeting with Howard in order to play Eddie Dean. That’s like the lifetime achievement award of perfect casting right there, and I don’t mean in a typecasting way. Breaking Bad, for all its other merits, to me had the weird side benefit that every single time Aaron Paul walked on screen, he was Eddie Dean. The mannerisms, the faults, the attitude, the agony, the hidden strength. Jessie Pinkman was Eddie Dean, full stop.

You know what happens to Jessie after the finale of Breaking Bad? He walks through a doorway, onto a beach, and finds the face of his father.

Says Aaron Paul:

I’ve had a ton of meetings on that. I just had a general sit down with Ron Howard, who is a huge fan of the show [Breaking Bad, naturally], which is such a crazy thing to even think that Ron Howard even knows who I am. They’re definitely planning on making it. I’m excited. Their goal is to do three films, but also have a television element to it, which will be very interesting. From what I hear, Eddie Dean is a pretty epic, iconic character.

Oh the universe is playing with us. It’s never actually going to give us this. It’s just going to tease and tease, and wait until we learn to hope again, and at that moment crush us anew.

Steven Lloyd Wilson is the sci-fi and history editor. You can email him here or follow him on Twitter.

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