The Trailer for 'The Letter' Makes Me Want to Give Winona Ryder an Inappropriately Long Sympathy Hug

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The Trailer for The Letter Makes Me Want to Give Winona Ryder an Inappropriately Long Sympathy Hug

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | August 14, 2012 | Comments ()

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What is wrong with you, Hollywood? You're always resurrecting the careers of talented but dormant actors, but you rarely resurrect those of actresses. Seriously, Hollywood is such a Heather. Once an actress hits a career snag or turns a certain age, she's relegated to the VOD circuit (inexplicable exception: Jennifer Aniston). Hollywood doesn't seem to understand what they have in Winona Ryder. They don't understand that there is an entire generation of people that would KILL to see her in a great movie. We love her; nothing she has done has snuffed out our affection for her.

So, why is she forced to make super awful looking ultra-low budget flicks like The Letter, which also stars James Franco, the guy that will mercy f*ck any movie he's offered? The plot description describes it as about "A playwright who begins to mentally unravel cannot decide if she is at the center of a manipulative plot or simply losing her grip on reality." It's hard to tell that from the trailer. In fact, it's hard to tell much from it, except that it's going to be very bad.

Winona deserves better than this.

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  • luckypete

    Horrible voice over narration

  • mslewis

    The only movie entitled to the name "The Letter" is the one with Bette Davis; the one I watch over and over again because everyone in it is awesome!!
    I dislike Winona Ryder and James Franco and will be quite happy to never hear about either ever again. Winona does not deserve better than this crap.

  • brutalyotuh

    in what fucked up world bram stoker's dracula ryder's claim to fame? fucking heathers man, heathers. fucking beetlejuice. alright. fucking edward scissorhands. fuckin A dude. check that shit.

  • Gemsie

    Wow. That is awful. She lucked out being in some good movies, but she was always the worst part in them. Now she's just got crazy eyes.

  • Barnacle Bill

    Is this thing real?

  • A.

    It doesn't look real. It's like a Funny or Die short. Winona and Franco! Amazing... They just don't give a shit. I'm truly impressed.

  • True_Blue

    Refresh my memory--what did Winona do which was so horrible that it effectively killed her career? The shoplifting thing? That's nothing a good PR person can't fix. I know she's 40-something now (looked her up, she's 40 years old), but she doesn't look it, and she is refreshingly different from the usual Hollywood blond/fake tan/botoxed actresses.

  • gp

    christ, that looks bad.

  • Magiel

    I'm not even watching this, yet I miss her..

  • $27019454

    Why? Why does she deserve better? Because she was soooo good in Bram Stoker's Dracula? Yeah, let's bring THAT talent back. She was always overrated and was never more than the best little actress in the high school play.

  • Mrcreosote

    Because John Travolta and Mickey Rourke, two meh actors and repulsive human beings both had comebacks. We should allow equal opportunities for all to have a second act, not just excessively surgically altered nutjobs.

  • Winona is likeable and charismatic, and for an actor that's more than half the battle. It's wonderful if an actor can deliver great soliloquy's but if nobody wants to watch them, so what?

  • ed newman

    So who are you comparing her to here? Sounds like you're comparing her to Heather Graham.

    Perhaps you should just let her go. Heathers was a long time ago.

  • I'm a bit old to be a Heathers fangirl, and Graham lacks Winona's pathos. I'm basing my opinion of Winona strictly on unemotional observation of her throughout the years. She's a serviceable actress who is compelling to watch.

  • ed newman

    Rollergirl vehemently disagrees.

  • Oh dear, that trailer. I kept expecting to hear an ominously intoned 'in a world where...'

  • mairimba

    Maybe Rachel sucked all of her mojo out when Melissa kissed her.

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