The Sick and Twisted Eli Roth Has Really Outdone Himself Now: 'The Green Inferno' Trailer
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The Sick and Twisted Eli Roth Has Really Outdone Himself Now: 'The Green Inferno' Trailer

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | April 18, 2014 | Comments ()

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What could be worse than what Eli Roth has already made in films like Hostel and Cabin Fever? He’s basically the guy that brought torture porn into the mainstream (before later snuffing it out, and now the only time it’s acceptable to use the term “torture porn” is to troll horror hounds), and now there’s something even more gruesome?

How about this: Cannibalism? But no! Wait! A twist: How about a cannibalism films that’s really an animal rights movie?

Oh, Eli Roth, you’re so subversive! You’ve really outdone yourself now.

The Green Inferno is a loose remake of Cannibal Holocaust II, which wasn’t really a sequel to Cannibal Holocaust, but the guys that did Cannibal Holocaust weren’t interested in continuing the series, so they let the guys behind the original The Green Inferno have the title, though there’s barely any connections between the two films, but you know: $$$

The original The Green Inferno is about a group of New Yorkers who travel to Peru to find a lost native tribe, only to find them and nearly get eaten by them. Why? Because they New Yorkers were f*cking with their monkeys. However, the New Yorkers settle their disagreement with the tribe, and agree not to mess with the monkeys anymore. Eventually they even ally with the native tribe to kill a group of hunters going after the monkeys, and in the end, they also agree to allow the natives to remain lost.

My guess is that Eli Roth’s film will follow that storyline loosely, though it will probably play up the cannibalism angle because Roth is a sick f*ck.

You can also watch the trailer for the original The Green Inferno from the original 1988 film (which purportedly killed the cannibal genre), but I wouldn’t because it’s HORRIBLE, although if you want to watch some natives nearly eat a guys junk off, you go right ahead.

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  • nobcarajo100

    What a take on South American indigenous peoples! Quite original, never seen before.

  • Sofia

    I'm friends with two of the actors in this movie. Eli Roth likes to work with Nicolás López.

  • Abby Cadabby

    Are you fucking kidding me? "My gues is..." This film has been getting reviewed since 2013 and has nothing to do plotwise with the original. You could have at least done a cursory google search on this before writing about it, hell, even Wikipedia has more information about the movie than this post. Embarrassing.

  • Salad_Is_Murder

    "It's a 24hour news cycle, Jack, we don't have time to do it right anymore."

  • Greg!

    Can we dial back the "horror master" honorary a smidge?

  • TK

    Yeah, I kinda feel like you have to have more than four movies under your belt before you're called a "master".

    Also, the movies should be good.

  • stella

    I feel stupid for asking, but why are all the natives painted red? Or yellow?

  • $78742978

    "if you want to watch some natives nearly eat a guys junk off, you go right ahead." Well, not if they aren't going to go through with it. That's just boring.

  • BWeaves

    I liked the trailer for the original better. It is like the soundtrack for every office training video I've ever sat through, only with more candirú,

  • Walt Jr

    Count me in, I'm a sucker for a good old fashioned blood & gore fest.

  • John W

    I figured the message would be: "Chew with your mouth closed."

  • Steve Ward

    It's weird, I downright love Roth, yet hate (or at least am indifferent to) his films. I heard a recent interview with him (and the interview was great and he was entertaining and charming, because he's awesome) and he talked about filming this, doing it very guerrilla style by legitimately just going to a tiny village in the Amazon. It allowed them to get it done for a tiny fraction of what it would normally cost, but if anyone got hurt and needed to go to hospital, they were pretty much fucked. I mean, totally badass, right? Fuck the system!

    And to pay the tribe that allowed them to shoot there, who didn't even know what a movie was (they showed them an old cannibalism horror film to explain it, and they loved the ridiculousness of it... how awesome must that have been - to show a completely isolated Amazon tribe a schlocky old horror flick? God damn that Eli...) So they didn't just hand them money, because that would be useless to them. They brought in tin roofs for their homes and just generally increased their quality of life a hundred times over. Because Roth is awesome.

    ....and this movie will almost certainly be near-unwatchable tripe packed with meaningless gore.

    Oh, and according to Roth, there's not really any sort of message when it comes to animal rights. It's just that the Americans are there to help the tribe, and they end up getting killed and eaten. So, y'know, it's ironic. The closest that could get to a message is "how about we just leave people the fuck alone if they're fine and not bothering anyone, we don't need to inflict our culture onto people". But I wouldn't expect it to be a focal point at all (except for the first 40 minutes of the film where we're on a boring but wacky river vacation "building emotional bonds" with the characters before we FINALLY get to the horror movie part, because it's a shitty Roth film).

    But man, wasn't he awesome as the Bear Jew? That shit was awesome!

    I'm so conflicted.

  • Repo

    That's a very succinct way of putting it. I agree completely. I find him very interesting as a film maker (he reminds me a lot ot Robert Rodriguez with his geeky passion) and his Instagram and social media outlets are a lot of fun. But yeah, I don't enjoy his actual output at all.

  • Steve Ward

    I don't think I've ever been called "succinct" before, but cheers. I look at his films the same way I do Del Toro's "Pacific Rim" or flicks like "Shoot 'Em Up", or 95% of anything with Jason Statham. They know they're shit, but the charm is in knowing that THEY know that, they're just here to have fun and fuck everything else.

    But I still hate Mr. Roth's films...

  • God Of Bal-Sagoth

    The closest that could get to a message is "how about we just leave people the fuck alone if they're fine and not bothering anyone, we don't need to inflict our culture onto people".

    Except that the very act of making this film contradicts that message.

    Eli Roth is an interesting guy, and a smart one, and gives great interviews and is by all accounts a really cool person. But he's a terrible and relentlessly self-aggrandizing film maker.

  • Steve Ward

    From what he said, I don't think that's actually the message, it's just how a first year film student could pretend to interpret it to pad out an essay. I don't think it actually goes any further than "We were trying to help you! Please don't eat my testicles!" in an oh-so-witty bit of irony, because that's as deep as Roth's shitty films get. I don't think he intends there to be a message. And he'd be totally fine with saying as much (if not eager to), because he's cool like that.

  • trollthumper

    Between the Hostel films, The Green Inferno, and that Aftershock film he produced, Roth's movies seem to have the message 'Americans should just stay the fuck at home, where it's (relatively) safe."

  • cox

    a good message if i ever heard one.

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