The Seventies were Kind to No One: Wolverine and Xavier Pic from X-Men Days of Future Past

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The Seventies were Kind to No One: Wolverine and Xavier Pic from X-Men Days of Future Past

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trade News | August 20, 2013 | Comments ()


Okay fine, that header picture is from McAvoy’s film Filth, but it feels so awkward putting the same picture up top as I do in the body of the post. And if I do, you are less likely to actually click on the post, for let’s be honest, you’re not clicking on it for my words, you’re clicking on it for a glimpse of McAvoy and Jackman. And if I give you that upfront, no clicky, which means that Dustin’s children will either starve or be forced to hunt each other Hunger Games style for who gets the rations. And no one wants that.

Here’s the promised picture:


Frankly I don’t care that it’s Wolverine and Professor X so much as seeing the atrocity that seventies fashion commits on anyone forced to wear it. And really the header picture makes so much more sense now, because doesn’t Xavier look exactly like McAvoy’s character from Filth in this? The unkempt hair, terrible clothes, the child molester facial hair, the vacant gaze … I’m starting to think that Filth is actually subtitled Xavier: The Lost Years.

Oh and the other guy in the picture is Beast. Purists are throwing tantrums about how once Beast went blue, he never went back. Other purists are insisting that in comics canon there was a period in which he went back and forth. Really, it’s more exhausting than watching Fox News, and about as pointful.

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