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October 31, 2007 |

By Seth Freilich | Industry | October 31, 2007 |

Damn it!


Thufferin thucatash!

We’re still two months away from the end of this year, and New Year’s is already ruined for me. Last week, word came out that the next and last season of “Battlestar Galactica” would not be starting in January, as previously announced, but in April. April!

Fuckerrin fuckatash!

And even worse, SciFi is still planning to split the season into two parts, and there’s no guarantee that the second half will even air in 2008.

Memo to the SciFi Channel — I get that this is the only good thing you have. But please don’t try to milk it for everything you can, pissing off the show’s fans. I rarely beg, but I’m on my knees. What do you want? I’ll sing you show tunes, tickle your balls, whatever you want. Just stop cock blocking us and gives us whats we wants!

But you know what? It’s actually alright. All is fine in the world because in less than a month, “October Road” will be returning to ABC for its inexplicable second season. Which means that almost a full shitty season of that shitty show will have aired (if it stays on that long) before a single. New. Fucking. Episode. Of “BSG” graces us with its presence.


Jesus Christ, this has been an absolutely bootsy week in TV news. Here’s some more terrible news for you:

—Question: What happens when a reality show shill is tired of showing up on whatever crappy show that will take him? Answer: He gets a reality show of his own. The subject of this Q & A? Coolio, who has been given a reality show greenlight by Oxygen. Which is really the perfect marriage — a station I don’t want to watch with a show about a guy I couldn’t care less about.

—NBC is planning to milk “The Office” for all that it can, and those weak hour-long episodes weren’t enough. Now comes word that an episode is being planned which will introduce us to new characters who will be spun-off into a show of their own, just as ABC did last year with “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Private Practice.” I love “The Office,” as I know many of you do. But are you clamoring for a spin-off? Yeah, me neither.

—Fuck. I know “The Office” ended up working well, but for every well-done British remake, there’s “Coupling,” and “Viva Laughlin” and a billion other shows. The latest candidate is the wonderful “Spaced,” as Fox has given a pilot commitment to an Americanized version from McG’s production company. Why? Why, oh why, oh why? ( ‘Cause a mouse’s stomach could never get big enough to hold a streetcar. — Ed.)

The closest thing to good news I have is that the CW has ordered six new scripts for “Reaper,” and ABC has done the same for “Dirty Sexy Money.” I’m still enjoying “Reaper,” although it needs to stray from its episode formula a little bit. And I’m loving “Dirty Sexy Money,” because while it’s campy as hell, the camp is working. In fact, it has the kind of camp I was hoping “Gossip Girls” would have, only that show seems to take itself a little too seriously. Of course, these script orders don’t necessarily mean we’ll get more episodes, but both shows are doing well enough ratings-wise that we probably will. Also, this means that there are only a few shows that haven’t been given script orders or a full season pickups: “Aliens in America” and “Life is Wild” over on the CW, and the shitty shitty ABC shows “Cavemen,” “Big Shots” and “Women’s Murder Club.”

Looking ahead, we know that Fox loves nothing more than beating a dead horse, and it’s latest flogging looks to be coming via “Prison Break.” The network is considering a spin-off series, tentatively called “Prison Break: Cherry Hill,” which will be set at a women’s prison. The show will focus on a character named Molly, who is slated to show up on “Prison Break” later this season. At this point, Fox has only ordered a pilot script, but it’s pretty likely that the network would give the show a greenlight in the hopes that it would at least make for a pairing with “Prison Break” next fall, before “24” comes back the following January. On a network like HBO or Showtime, I’d be all about a show focusing on a women’s prison. Know what I’m saying? But even by Fox standards, they ain’t going to be able to show what I really wants, so whatever.

Speaking of Fox, here’s the trailer for the upcoming sure-to-be-shitty-again season of “24,” including a suspect appearance of a back-from-the-dead character:

Seth Freilich is Pajiba’s television editor. The frustration evidenced in this round-up is only partially contributed to by the fact that he wrote it while in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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Oct. 30, 2007

Industry | October 31, 2007 |

Seth is a Senior Editor and sometime critic. You may email him here or follow him on Twitter.

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