The Red Band "Magic Mike" Trailer Has a Whole Lotta Charming Potato Skins

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The Red Band Magic Mike Trailer Has a Whole Lotta Charming Potato Skins

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | June 14, 2012 | Comments ()


Do not watch this at work, unless you watch it with your boss, and you both bring dollar bills. Just stuff them into your computer. YOU'RE LIVING THE DREAM.

So, yeah: Here's the red-band trailer for Steven Soderbergh's male stripper movie featuring Matthew McConaughey in his natural state, as well as a lot of sweaty beef-cake from the likes of Charming Potato, Matt Bomer, and the poor man's Eric Bana, Joe Manganiello. Also, if he's going to be a thing, could someone please come with a suitable nickname for Manganiello because I don't like looking up how to spell his name every time.

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  • My wife's work buddies are already lining up a girl's night for this one. I'ma need a Red Bull and a protein drink for when she gets home.

  • Kat

    It's a tie between this and Abe the Vampire Hunter for most anticipated dumb movie. Also, am I the only one skeptical of how few gay clients they seem to have?

    I think male strippers, I think audience of 5 women and 30 men.

  • Irina

    Anyone saw the MTV Movie Awards? If not, you missed the sweet, sweet irony of Matthew McConaughey telling Charming Potato to keep HIS shirt on (literally). Or is the "Matthew McConaughey takes his shirt off in every movie" joke getting old already?

  • Case Crum

    Magic! Er...why are the guys' audience all women?

  • Mrs. Julien

    In anticipation of the Annual Pajiba 10, I would like to reiterate my request for a "Don't Speak" SRL of those persons whose 'that' we should like to 'hit' provided their suspected intellectual limitations are hidden underneath a cloak of silence.
    1. Joe Manganiello (and he has to have the beard)
    2. the ball is in your court Pajiba!

  • AS

    Joe Manjelloshots

  • BK


  • ZombieMrsSmith


    It's the name of an island with hidden treasure in a really old Tarzan movie called Tarzan and the Green Goddess. Makes my kids giggle every time.

  • melissa82

    I'm at work so the volume's off..but it was definitely magical. (maybe more so?)

  • michaelceratops

    I just watched it at work on the big screen in my department. It wouldn't accept any of the dollar bills I tried to shove in it.

  • Slash

    Duh. Man Candy.

  • whatbenwatches

    Eric Banal?

  • TherecanbeonlyoneAdmin

    These motherfuckers stole all my moves! All my moves except the flying inverse simultaneous sack-to-butt clap. Bring it, amateurs!

  • alwaysanswerb

    I think... my comment got ate?

    I was going to try to reproduce the whole thing, but it took too much time and had too many happy blessings, so I'm just going to leave this here, because it's me at the sight of this trailer:

  • alwaysanswerb

    For some people, the internet is where they acquire their tentacle porn and "well worn" shoes;

    for others, it's where they go to forget they are grown men and women;

    for none, it's purely intellectual;

    for me, it's where I have been sitting and wondering when the Magic Mike marketing team was going to wake up and realize that I cared nothing for the romance in this movie. Thank you, Magic Mike marketing team, for finally gifting me with some beefy cheek. Thank you, Pajiba, for delivering this unto me.

  • BAM

    Can't we just shorten it to "Charming Tater"?

  • Much as I love Joe Manganiello's body (and voice), the first thing that came to mind when you asked for a nickname was Mangy. I'm fairly sure he's a well-groomed individual, so that seems a bit cruel. Also, I am totally there for this film. I thought it opens June what's with July 11?

  • roodle


  • celery


  • Jezzer

    I still vote "Mangina."

  • Bert_McGurt

    Is that a creepy-ass Kevin Nash in the background of the header pic? I didn't even know they let him in movies again after TMNT 2: The Secret of the Ooze.

  • TheFatling

    I'm at work, so can't watch the trailer, but could someone please let me know if it seems like we're getting any peen in this movie?

  • I've heard rumors of at least one peen shot. However, I don't know if it was "Fassbendered" or "Dirk Diglered."

  • TheFatling

    Okay, I'm 100% more interested in this movie.

  • Megan

    There's a silhouette of Joe Manjello's horse dong in it. (I don't know about any actual peen.)

  • Between the Zack Morris video on the "Weeds" article and this post, you're pandering to us today and I LOVE IT.

  • lowercase_ryan


  • Anna von Beav


  • lowercase_ryan

    I upvoted your downvote. But seriously, I have been calling him that in my head since the first time I read his name.

  • $27019454

    Alcide is lovely to look at, but if he is going to display the same lack of charisma, personality and charm as he does in True Blood, then I predict that no, he is not going to be a thing. I's too bad, too, because that man's lats are crying out for my hands. Crying. Or maybe that's my hands, crying out for his lats. Either way.

  • Mrs. Julien

    This is why we need the Don't Speak list. He's a Jethro!

  • $27019454

    I second the need for a Don't Speak list!!

  • Captain_Tuttle

    So. . . . IMAX 3-D? Who's with me?!

  • Jennifer Hofstetter


  • I'm still wondering why it took so long for Matthew McConaughey to get into a stripper movie. Seems like he should be doing one a year.

    Also, if he’s going to be a thing, could someone please come with a suitable nickname for Manganiello because I don’t like looking up how to spell his name every time.

    Alcide should do it.

  • BAM

    I'm not Alcide, but my wife usually just calls him Joe Mango.

  • thatgirl

    I'm still in awe that this is a real movie that is getting made.

  • Anna von Beav

    MOG I can't wait for this movie. Sincerely.

  • joancarol

    McConaughey ruins this for me.Gives me the creeps.

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