The Only Stephen King Novel I Ever Threw Across The Room Is Greenlit As A TV Show: Under The Dome: The Series

By Jodi Clager | Trade News | November 30, 2012 | Comments ()

By Jodi Clager | Trade News | November 30, 2012 |


I can't decide if this is the best news for Stephen King's 2009 tome Under The Dome or not. CBS has ordered a 13 episode adaptation of the novel, set to air in summer 2013. This is great news because the cumbersome book can more easily captivate an audience when presented in an episodic format. It's kind of shit news because the series will air on network television instead of HBO or Showtime as originally thought. Under The Dome will likely benefit from being adapted for the small screen by Bryan K. Vaughan (Lost), showrunner Neal Baer (ER), and Amblin Entertainment producing. It can only get better, right?

If you haven't read Under The Dome, know that "Simpsons did it!" is kind of an apt reaction to hearing the description. The town of Chester's Mill, Maine (surprise!) is having just a normal day when the whole town is suddenly covered by a giant, invisible dome. The edges of the dome crush, kill, and maim anything caught under it and trap some people outside and the whole town inside. Of course, the townspeople want to know who has done this and what they can do to get out. As always, there is the Good side and the Bad side fighting for control of the group. Everyone has dark secrets, shit in their past, and blah blah blah.

I really tried to finish the book, but it was almost a painful endeavor. It felt like assigned reading or a workout. I cussed at it. I threw it across the room and then returned it to the library. Still, I am excited about the series, being a masochist and all. If you finished the book, do you think CBS can do it justice?


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