The Joss Speaks: "SHIELD", Star Wars, and Wonder Woman

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The Joss Speaks: "SHIELD", Star Wars, and Wonder Woman

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trade News | March 12, 2013 | Comments ()


There are about a half dozen little trade news bits floating around this morning with Joss Whedon's name on them, so apparently he got chatty at SXSW this weekend. Or everyone saw him and simultaneously swore at themselves because they'd been sitting on some quote from him and kept forgetting to strap it onto a headline and half-assed intro paragraph design only to stretch the length of the article past the point where it looks embarrassingly short. *Ahem.*

The funny thing about this industry is that three years ago if someone asked Joss Whedon what he would have done with the new Star Wars films, the answer would have been completely ignored. Now he's the Avengers mogul so the answer to that question gets headlines. Says the Joss: "You know, I wouldn't go back, I'd go forward. I would want to create characters that would resonate the way that they did."

Boom, print up the "Han Is Done Shooting" t-shirts.

(source: Blastr)

Related to the hilarity of before and after Avengers success, Joss also related the story of his Wonder Woman script. The short of it? DC didn't even call him back after he submitted the second draft of his script. Presumably that sparked the training montage that included getting his "Marvel 4 Life" tattoo and culminated in the call to do Avengers. In my head, most made up stories include montages.

Finally, in more actual news, Joss confirmed that the late great Agent Coulson would indeed be in the SHIELD television series. When asked how Coulson recovered from dying in the film, Whedon said "I'll tell you guys this. Heimlich."

Joss went on with this quote, which I think perfectly encapsulates the point of view that could make this a great television series, and not just an Avengers-lite:

The idea of the Little Guy is something that I am very fierce about, and there has never been a better Little Guy than Clark Gregg. That intrigued me, this world around the superhero community. It's the people whose shop windows get blown up when the Destroyer shows up. It's the more intimate stories that belong on television that we can really tap into the visual style and ethos, and even some of the mythology, of the Marvel movies.

Now that sounds like a fantastic angle for the series to take.

(source: SlashFilm)

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